What Poses More Danger to Children: Marijuana Edibles or Irresponsible Parents?

Children face many dangers in today’s world. Violence, disease and poor future economic prospects are just some of these things kids are facing. But one thing poses a bigger danger to children than anything else: irresponsible parents.

With the increase in the availability of cannabis edibles in states like Colorado, some are worried about children getting a hold of some pot brownies or maybe a cookie. These edibles have high concentrations of THC and no one in their right mind believes they should be left out where children can get them.

But being worried about cannabis edibles is a lot like being worried that someone’s gun shot wound will get infected: there are bigger problems afoot.

I could make a list of all the things children shouldn’t have access to and this article could be 10,000 words and I still wouldn’t have a complete list. Children are small and fragile and don’t have nearly the comprehension levels needed to avoid even the simplest dangers. But who can protect children from all of these dangers!?!

Parents, of course. Whether it’s a gun or pot brownies or bathroom cleaner or hot water, it is the job of parents to protect their children from things they should not touch.

marijuana ediblesThis is not to say that edibles should be packaged like Pop Tarts or have the Trix bunny emblazoned on them; they are for adults and there should be no confusion about that. But we must also keep things in perspective.

Tripp Keber, with Dixie Elixirs and Edibles, is open to packaging changes. “We want to make sure these products are packaged and labeled safely, whether it is a turn cap [etc]… that is something [we] would bear the cost of,” Keber said.

Lynn Riemer is a former DEA chemist and current president of the non-profit organization Act on Drugs. “I have seen edibles become a very large problem in a short amount of time,” she said. “They are sugary, they are sweet, people don’t consider them a drug, but they are very potent because it is pure THC.”

Riemer continued, “It is very hard for a young kid, for them it is just candy so they will eat it if a parent is not watching closely or if they are under the influence and aren’t paying attention.”

On that big list of dangerous things referenced above, marijuana would be on the least dangerous portion of the scale; be that as it may, I’m sure the cannabis industry will adjust packaging and such. But the bigger issue looms: what about irresponsible parents?

Sadly, having a child is much easier than say, getting a driver’s license. There is no test of competence when someone becomes a parent. If a man and a woman can figure out at least one sexual position and a few simple mechanics of the act, they can produce kids for decades. In other words, literally any two morons can make a child.

If you pull away from the curb for your driving test and hit a car across the street, your test is probably over. If you aren’t watching your child numerous tragic things can occur, often in an instant. Things unspeakable and horrific and life-shattering.

Always treat the symptoms if you can, but never neglect the root cause of a problem.

– Joe Klare

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