Uruguay president: Why only marijuana should be legalized

Uruguay President Jose Mujica says marijuana should be legalized, but not other drugs.

Mujica’s plan would allow for the government to sell marijuana at an inexpensive price, so long as it is monitored.  It could only be in the form of marijuana cigarettes, and only sold to adult registered users.

According to FOX NEWS he says the plan would take drug profits out of the hands of criminals, and divert users from harder drugs.  Not only would this be better for their economy, but it would retain resources that would have otherwise been spent on an “unwinnable police problem.”

If Mujica’s plan is carried out, Uruguay would be the world’s first nation to sell marijuana.

The proposal is expected to be submitted to their Congress for consideration, though it may be enacted by decree.

Would the U.S. ever follow in their footsteps?  It would be interesting to see, if this plan is carried out, how it affects their economy and crime.