Third Government Official Accused of Accepting Bribes Allowing Marijuana Dispensary to Open

An LA City councilman is pleading guilty to accepting $7,000 in bribes to support a medical marijuana dispensary, making him the third in Cudahy to admit to the charges.

Former City Councilman Osvaldo Conde, who resigned, faces a maximum 30-year sentence, according to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE.

He joins two other former officials, former Mayor David Silva and Angel Perales, the former acting city manager, who also pleaded guilty to accepting similar bribes.

Together, the three officials are accused of accepting a total of $17,000 in cash, offered by an informant for the FBI to support a permit allowing a new marijuana dispensary to open in their town.

Conde, 50, is accused of asking the informant for a percentage of profits made by the new dispensary.

Conde’s case is being heard at the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

Currently federal prosecutors are targeting California’s medical marijuana dispensary industry, especially those the U.S. government believes is trafficking to a large clientele.  Two dispensaries in Oakland and San Jose are currently fighting against pressure from the government after a crackdown earlier this month.  More information on these two dispensaries are available HERE on

And in another twist, rather than taking the pressure lightly, two dispensaries is actually suing the Department of Revenue, saying the guidelines for the number of clients they are allowed to assist, and what specific times they are allowed to sell marijuana is too vague.  The two dispensaries located in Colorado Springs say they face distribution charges only because the guidelines have not been properly set for them.  Their story is available HERE.

Meanwhile small-scale local governmental bodies in are up against members of the Obama administration in states where marijuana is legally being described as a form of medication.