Five Months After Legalization Vote, We Still Await a Decision From The Obama Administration

It has now been over 5 months since the historic election night that saw recreational marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado. In that time there has been very little in the way of a hint as to what the federal government is going to do about the votes in CO and WA, if anything. Beyond […]

Medical Marijuana Patients Being Sent to Federal Prison by the Obama Administration

A number of state-complaint medical marijuana providers are facing federal prison time as the Obama Administration cracks down on medical cannabis with a never-before-seen ferocity. The story of Chris Williams is well-known to our readers, and there are several others who were following state law and now face the spectre of incarceration.

President Obama Says Marijuana Users Not a “Top Priority” for Federal Government

Yes, we’ve heard it all before. President Obama isn’t worried about marijuana users; but his Justice Department has been very worried about them over the last couple of years, cracking down on the supply of medical cannabis patients in several states, including Colorado, Washington and California. But it’s a new term for President Obama, and […]