New Jersey Supreme Court Rules Police Can Arrest Someone Who Answers Door Smoking Marijuana

On Wednesday the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that police could force their way into an apartment and arrest someone if they answer the door smoking marijuana.

New Bill In New Jersey Would Ensure That MMJ Patients Aren’t Kicked Off Organ Transplant Lists

A bill sponsored by two state Senators that would ensure a person’s use of medical marijuana would not prohibit him or her from receiving needed medical care, such as an organ transplant, was recently introduced in the state Senate. On Monday the bill was approved by the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee.

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patients Wait in Pain for Their Medicine

Some three years after former Governor John Corzine signed a medical marijuana bill into law, many patients are still waiting in pain for medicine that they qualify for.

Medical Marijuana Advocate Makes First Purchase in NJ as a Legal Patient

Almost three years after the state of New Jersey approved legal protections for medical marijuana patients, a few are actually beginning to get their legal medical cannabis from the state’s first and only dispensary (so far), in Montclair. Like medical marijuana advocate Susan Sturner, who recently made her first legal medical marijuana purchase. Susan suffers […]