Feds Aggressively Asserting Federal Law in State Marijuana Cases

We know by now that the feds don’t want to see the people of this country have access to marijuana—whether for recreation or for the numerous medical benefits it offers. We know this because federal prosecutors continue to levy charges against those dispensary owners and operators that are abiding by state laws but running afoul […]

Online Petitions Seek The Freedom of a Montana Medical Marijuana Grower

Supporters of Montana medical marijuana grower Chris Williams are seeking help from the online community, in the form of two petitions to The White House. Williams faces up to 80 years in prison on federal charges, and he is currently appealing his recent conviction.

Federal Time for Medical Marijuana Operations for Montana Men

In the latest in a growing rift between state medical marijuana laws and federal drug enforcement, three Montana men were recently sentenced to federal prison time for their roles in the approved state medical marijuana program. While this isn’t the only case pending, it provides a good example into how the feds are hoping to […]