A Tough Road So Far for Medical Marijuana in Michigan

Ever since voters approved of medical marijuana in Michigan in 2008, the relationship between law enforcement and caregivers/patients has been strained in many areas. Michael Komorn, President of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, recently wrote an op-ed in The Huffington Post about trying to change the tense climate that surrounds MMJ in the state. Charged […]

Medical Marijuana is Not Just a Concept, It is Real People

There is a lot of talk in the media nowadays about medical cannabis. This is a good thing as it spreads information about the need for good MMJ laws in many states. Stories about medical marijuana show how popular it is as a concept among voters. But after a while the concept of MMJ becomes […]

Michigan Supreme Court Says Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Are Not Allowed

On Friday the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that MMJ dispensaries are illegal under the state’s medical marijuana law. In a 4 to 1 vote the State Supreme Court upheld a 2011 ruling from the Court of Appeals that said patient-to-patent sales were illegal. The ruling went on to say that medical cannabis dispensaries could be considered […]

Detroit Voters Decriminalize Some Marijuana Possession; Police Unsure What to Do

While states like Colorado and Washington were making headline-generating history on November 6th, the city of Detroit was making some history of its own. Voters there voted by a 65% to 35% margin to decriminalize an ounce or less of marijuana possession for anyone 21 years of age or older, as long as the possession […]

Flint Cops Will Arrest Pot Offenders, Despite Decriminalization Vote

Change is difficult for some people. They grip tightly to the way things have always been because that’s all they’ve ever known, or care to know. Change is especially difficult when you are trying to take even a little bit of power from a notoriously power-hungry body or agency. Such is the case with the […]