Chris Brown In Court After Testing Positive For Cannabis

The R&B superstar Chris Brown who has the moves of Michael Jackson but a girlfriend-abusing past is in court again after testing positive for cannabis.

Marijuana an Effective Seizure Treatment

Cannabidivarin, or CBDV, is a little known chemical in marijuana, which has the ability to suppress seizures, according to a team at Britain’s University of Reading.

Marijuana Activist Receives “Lenient” Sentence in Dispensary Bust

Tom Daubert was sentenced this week for his role in a medical marijuana dispensary. The sentence is being called a “lenient” one by the media, but true lenience would have been found if he had not been prosecuted at all, especially considering he didn’t violate the state medical marijuana laws.

Numerous Studies Show Marijuana as Cancer Treatment Solution

This week, a review in The Daily Beast looks at the overwhelming number of studies that cite marijuana as a potential cancer treatment. While many people accept pot might be useful in counteracting the side effects of traditional cancer treatment (chemo) and cancer symptoms, they don’t realize it can actually have effects on the cancer […]

Stop The Feds From Asset Forfeiture Against Legal Medical Marijuana Providers

Federal law enforcement has been brutal on medical marijuana providers who are operating legally under state laws across the country. And not only have they likely enjoyed using all their military-grade equipment to bash in doors and look intimidating while doing it, they’ve also made off with some serious loot. A new proposed piece of […]

Cannabis As Different As Day And Night

    Charged with Drug Possession? Please call (800) 761-2093.                

Medical Marijuana Distributor Dies In Prison

It was only supposed to be a five-year term, but it turned out to be a life sentence for Richard Flor, 68, a former medical marijuana distributor, who died in custody from two hear t attacks while being transported to federal prison.

Paper Finds Clear Evidence that Pot Successfully Treats Medical Conditions

A recent study that reviewed more than 100 controlled clinical trials published in the reputable German journal Deutsches Ärzteblatt International, indicates there is “clear evidence that cannabinoids are useful for the treatment of various medical conditions.” We often hear small-minded critics who say marijuana legalization advocates are nothing more than pot heads who want to be able […]

White House Rejects Huge Request: Medical Marijuana For Traumatized Vets

If the voices of 8,258 people asking for change can’t be heard, how will change ever happen? Believing they could help military veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, 8,258 people signed a petition urging the Obama administration to allow the legalized use of medical marijuana for those showing symptoms of the disorder.

Study: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Not Tied to Increased Crime

It’s been the argument of medical marijuana opponents that medical marijuana dispensaries increased crime. That these medical pot shops would somehow turn sleepy communities into high-crime areas plagued with junkies and criminals. But, according to a new study from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and funded by the National Institute of Health, crime […]