Should PTSD Patients Use Cannabis? Vets Say Yes

Update June 2017: Finally! 5 years after full legalization in Colorado and 16 years after medical marijuana legalization, veterans are now allowed to use marijuana in Colorado for PTSD without risking their Federal VA benefits. Inclusion as a legitimate medical use means Vets and others with PTSD can acquire medical cannabis that is best suited for treating anxiety and related symptoms […]

Appeals Court Backs Refusal to Reconsider Federal Marijuana Classification

According to current federal law, marijuana is dangerous and harmful drug with no medicinal uses. While this statement flies in the face of reality and nearly every recent body of marijuana research, it’s the stance that the federal government has taken and refused to budge from. Just this week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for […]

Activist Who Provided Cannabis To The Sick Given 4 – 6 Year Sentence

After decades of dedicating himself to supporting medical cannabis and providing it to people who were suffering, Dana Beal, 65, of Wahoo, Neb., was sentenced to four to six years of prison time for possessing 150 pounds in his van in Ashland, Neb., in 2009.

Tell Illinois Lawmakers to Pass Medical Marijuana

Currently, Illinois is not one of the states with legal access to medical marijuana. If you are sick and marijuana helps you cope with your illness or disease, you must break the law in order to treat yourself or relieve your pain or symptoms. But, with a growing acceptance of marijuana in general, states are beginning to […]

Washington And Colorado Add To Legalization Momentum

They say if there’s no victim, there is no crime.  And clearly residents of Washington and Colorado agree.

Medical Marijuana Voted Down in Arkansas

As voters in two other states celebrate the complete legalization of recreational marijuana, Arkansas voters shut down a far more modest measure—that to legalize medicinal marijuana. According to, with 95 percent of precincts reporting, Issue #5 was defeated by just a few percentage points.

US Appeals Court Hears Case on Marijuana Sched I Classification

In front of a three-judge Court of Appeals panel, attorneys argued the federal government, through the DEA, failed to take into consideration hard evidence and science when choosing to classify marijuana as a Schedule I substance. They are arguing that pot be reclassified as having some medical use, what would be a big step towards […]

Doing Scientific Research on an Illegal Drug (Cannabis)

Opponents of medical marijuana often say there simply isn’t enough research to say, with certainty, that the plant can provide a significant number of medical benefits. While supporters disagree, the argument brings up an interesting point—that it’s difficult to research a drug that the federal government would like to see kept under lock and key.

Cannabis Extract Now Believed to Ease MS Stiffness

The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry has published new findings that cannabis extract helps ease painful muscle stiffness for those suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).

Feds Descend on LA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Several Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries were raided by federal agents this week. The LA Times reports this is the first large-scale federal crackdown in the city, and there are expected to be more.