Meet a Medical Marijuana Edible Expert

There will be many amazing job opportunities as medical marijuana spreads across the country and legal recreational marijuana becomes an economic factor. The job title “medical marijuana edibles expert” sounds like it would be a highly coveted one.

California Business Owner Faces 15 Years For Running A Legal Dispensary

When talking about hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries being closed around the country, it’s easy to forget that they are not just numbers; they are people, each with their own story. Matthew DaviesĀ is facing 15 years in prison for running a completely lawful business under California state law.

Medical Marijuana Patients Being Sent to Federal Prison by the Obama Administration

A number of state-complaint medical marijuana providers are facing federal prison time as the Obama Administration cracks down on medical cannabis with a never-before-seen ferocity. The story of Chris Williams is well-known to our readers, and there are several others who were following state law and now face the spectre of incarceration.