Massachusetts Attorney General Strikes Down Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bans

A ruling from the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office on Wednesday struck down the ability of local jurisdictions to ban medical cannabis dispensaries, but does allow them to impose moratoriums on the opening of dispensaries to allow localities to draft rules governing the businesses.

Medical Marijuana Industry Hopefuls in Massachusetts Look For Advice

A symposium recently held in downtown Boston sought to offer advice to those interested in getting into the medical cannabis industry in the state.

Medical Marijuana Spreads Confusion In Massachusetts

The new medical marijuana law in Massachusetts is raising a lot of questions and creating a lot of confusion when it comes to employment. For instance, what happen to a doctor who also happens to be a medical marijuana patient? Could they lose their license? Charged with Drug Possession? Please call (800) 761-2093.

Colorado Medical Marijuana Law Firm Opening Up Shop in Massachusetts

One of the main proponents of the recently-passed Amendment 64 in Colorado – which brought recreational legalization to the state in a historic vote – is setting up shop in another state that had a historic vote the same night as Amendment 64; Massachusetts, which became the 18th state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana […]