What Will Legalization in Colorado Look Like?

The legal and regulated sale of marijuana in Colorado is still several more months in the making after the historic legalization vote and passage of Amendment 64 last month. Rules have to be set up and agreed upon, then businesses will have to apply and be accepted by the state.

Indiana State Police Head Supports Marijuana Legalization, Then Backtracks

When you work for an agency whose main purpose is to “catch” criminals and enforce the laws of this broken Drug War, any admittance to the War’s futility should be kept to oneself. Paul Whitesell, superintendent of the Indiana State Police, spoke a little too quickly it seems and in forgetting his position, admitted he […]

State Police Chief Sparks Controversy in Indiana for Favoring Marijuana Legalization

Indiana State Police Superintendent Paul Whitesell recently sparked controversy in his state by publicly coming out in favor of marijuana legalization.

Modern Prohibition Era Raids Continue

Years from now, these cannabis raid stories will seem as strange as we view the era of alcohol prohibition now. But until then the real cost and tragedy continues – in money spent, in crime, and in lives. Nearly one ton of cannabis, estimated at a street value of almost $3 million, was confiscated by […]

What Will the Feds Do About Legal Marijuana?

It doesn’t matter what the citizens of states like Washington and Colorado say, marijuana is still against federal law. And despite the fact that this nation is founded on democratic principles, the federal government’s next play now that Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana, is anyone’s guess. So, what are their options? What could […]

Where Will Marijuana Legalization Expand Next?

The breakthrough successes of marijuana legalization initiatives in Colorado and Washington have activists nationwide buzzing about expanding across the states. For the first time in the United States, legal  recreational marijuana use for adults is a reality. And organizers across the country are looking to expand legalization across the nation, state by state.

A Guide to Legal Marijuana from The Seattle Police Department

Now that Washington has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, things will be changing for marijuana users in the state. In an attempt to clear things up for those in Seattle, the Seattle Police Department has released a set of guidelines for residents to follow.

State Marijuana Legalizations Cut Profits to Mexican Drug Cartels

When citizens in Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana, the primary reasoning was local and small-scale. Legalization would allow responsible adults to choose for themselves whether or not to indulge in the plant, gain tax money for the state, and save local law enforcement budgets for more important public safety concerns than busting harmless pot […]

Flint Cops Will Arrest Pot Offenders, Despite Decriminalization Vote

Change is difficult for some people. They grip tightly to the way things have always been because that’s all they’ve ever known, or care to know. Change is especially difficult when you are trying to take even a little bit of power from a notoriously power-hungry body or agency. Such is the case with the […]

Groundbreaking. Colorado, Washington Legalize Marijuana for Recreational Use

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. ” – Mahatma Gandhi Wow. Look at what you guys have done! Citizens in Colorado and Washington have voted to end marijuana prohibition for recreational use for the first time anywhere in the United States. This stunning precedent is the […]