Should PTSD Patients Use Cannabis? Vets Say Yes

Update June 2017: Finally! 5 years after full legalization in Colorado and 16 years after medical marijuana legalization, veterans are now allowed to use marijuana in Colorado for PTSD without risking their Federal VA benefits. Inclusion as a legitimate medical use means Vets and others with PTSD can acquire medical cannabis that is best suited for treating anxiety and related symptoms […]

Racial Disparities in Marijuana Arrests: Another Cause for Legalization

If the medical benefits,  civil liberties, and the senseless waste that is the war on drugs aren’t enough reasons, the fact that marijuana laws are enforced in a racist manner should further justify legalization. Recently released data indicates racial disparities among marijuana arrests aren’t just common in big cities or areas with high minority concentration—but […]

Efforts to Repeal Marijuana Legalization in Colorado Flailing, Retail Sales to be Delayed

A few days ago reports began coming out of Colorado of an effort to repeal Amendment 64, the state’s new recreational marijuana law. Now come reports that the repeal effort is dying, but it seems there will be a delay in the regulations for retail marijuana distribution points until lawmakers can hammer out the details […]

The Morality of Marijuana Laws

There is hardly a shortage of opinions on marijuana these days. You don’t have to look far to see a mainstream news source publishing news stories and opinion pieces on the changing marijuana tides. But a Washington Post op-ed and a response to it in The Atlantic recently brought up some interesting points. In writing […]

How Will States Tax Legal Marijuana?

Though some don’t like the prospect, legal marijuana will come with taxation. Given the current budgetary problems being experienced by most state and local governments, taxes help make legalization a more inviting prospect.

The Money in Legal Marijuana

Following Washington’s and Colorado’s passing of recreational marijuana legislation, the country is loosening up a bit in marijuana talk. If the topic was taboo among some prior to the law changes, it’s negative connotations are falling by the wayside, particularly as the potential for serious money making is realized. What would once get you locked […]

The Momentum Behind Marijuana and Hemp Has Never Been Greater

Times are changing. Even those who do not really pay attention to the marijuana law reform movement or what is happening in the world of cannabis can see it. With the historic victories in Colorado and Washington last November and the fanfare surrounding the introduction of legalization and taxation bills on Capitol Hill, marijuana is […]

Congressmen Introduce Bill to Legalize Cannabis at Federal Level

Colorado and Washington did it and now several states are considering it or have already taken steps to do it—it’s the legalization of marijuana. And the one thing standing in the way of several states, the same thing that could effectively derail efforts even in the states where it has already been legalized, is federal […]

Counties in Colorado Already Moving to Ban Marijuana Retailers

Before the proverbial smoke has even cleared (pun intended) after legalization of an ounce or less of marijuana for everyone aged 21 years or older became official, some counties in Colorado are already moving to ban the next phase of Amendment 64’s implementation: legal and state-regulated marijuana retailers.

Tell the Feds to Back Off State Pot Laws

Updated Jan 25, 2104 Just this week, there have been some huge moves! Attorney General Eric Holder has said he will be working to fix federal banking laws to allow marijuana businesses that are legal under state law to use banking and credit card services. And Congressmen Earl Blumenauer  has written to his Congressional Colleagues […]