Activist Who Provided Cannabis To The Sick Given 4 – 6 Year Sentence

After decades of dedicating himself to supporting medical cannabis and providing it to people who were suffering, Dana Beal, 65, of Wahoo, Neb., was sentenced to four to six years of prison time for possessing 150 pounds in his van in Ashland, Neb., in 2009.

Tell the Feds to Back Off State Pot Laws

Updated Jan 25, 2104 Just this week, there have been some huge moves! Charged with Drug Possession? Please call (800) 761-2093. Attorney General Eric Holder has said he will be working to fix federal banking laws to allow marijuana businesses that are legal under state law to use banking and credit card services. And Congressmen […]

What Will the Feds Do About Legal Marijuana?

It doesn’t matter what the citizens of states like Washington and Colorado say, marijuana is still against federal law. And despite the fact that this nation is founded on democratic principles, the federal government’s next play now that Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana, is anyone’s guess. So, what are their options? What could […]

Online Petitions Seek The Freedom of a Montana Medical Marijuana Grower

Supporters of Montana medical marijuana grower Chris Williams are seeking help from the online community, in the form of two petitions to The White House. Williams faces up to 80 years in prison on federal charges, and he is currently appealing his recent conviction.

Washington And Colorado Add To Legalization Momentum

They say if there’s no victim, there is no crime.  And clearly residents of Washington and Colorado agree.

US Appeals Court Hears Case on Marijuana Sched I Classification

In front of a three-judge Court of Appeals panel, attorneys argued the federal government, through the DEA, failed to take into consideration hard evidence and science when choosing to classify marijuana as a Schedule I substance. They are arguing that pot be reclassified as having some medical use, what would be a big step towards […]

Doing Scientific Research on an Illegal Drug (Cannabis)

Opponents of medical marijuana often say there simply isn’t enough research to say, with certainty, that the plant can provide a significant number of medical benefits. While supporters disagree, the argument brings up an interesting point—that it’s difficult to research a drug that the federal government would like to see kept under lock and key.

Feds Descend on LA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Several Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries were raided by federal agents this week. The LA Times reports this is the first large-scale federal crackdown in the city, and there are expected to be more.

Marijuana Activist Receives “Lenient” Sentence in Dispensary Bust

Tom Daubert was sentenced this week for his role in a medical marijuana dispensary. The sentence is being called a “lenient” one by the media, but true lenience would have been found if he had not been prosecuted at all, especially considering he didn’t violate the state medical marijuana laws.

Medical Marijuana Distributors Face Up To 40 Year Prison Sentences For Illegal Selling

Rather than attempting to fight the system,  owners of two marijuana dispensaries pleaded guilty Aug. 28 to drug trafficking in a federal court.  They said they were selling cannabis for profit, in large quantities, which violated federal and state law.