Marijuana Arrests Still Outnumber Violent Crime Arrests

Marijuana possession is a low priority—at least that’s what we keep hearing from many law enforcement officials across the country and even the White House. Possession, they say, is such a low-grade offense, that cops can better spend their time fighting real crime like assaults and robberies. This approach makes perfect sense. It’s just too […]

Most Americans See Failure of Drug War

Just when you think we are the minority—recognizing the futility of the Drug War in the United States– your fellow Americans surprise you. According to a new Rasmussen poll, 82 percent of Americans believe we are losing the War on Drugs. With billions of dollars and thousands of lives being sacrificed each year in this […]

Marijuana Decriminalization

An increasing number of states are considering marijuana decriminalization efforts. It is a begrudging acknowledgment that pot use is not a significant threat to public safety,  and not worthy of the time and attention of the court system. Most of these efforts eliminate criminal penalties for use of a limited amount of marijuana and impose civil fines if individuals […]

Medical Marijuana Use Reduces Traffic Deaths

Medical Marijuana Use Reduces Traffic Deaths, Acts As Substitute For Alcohol Consumption, Study Says A good deal of time, money, and energy has been spent on the issue of drinking and driving. For all the hype surrounding medical marijuana these days, however, not only is anti-driving advocacy weak —data on the effects of marijuana and traffic […]

California Marijuana Possession Decriminalized

As of 1/1/11, possession of less than 1 oz of marijuana in California is no longer a criminal offense. This civil infraction can still get you a ticket for $100, but there is no threat of a criminal charge or a criminal record for a 1st offense charge. You can still be charged with a […]