Crack Cocaine Sentencing Reductions Ruled Retroactive

The 2010 Fair Sentencing Act changed the way federal courts sentenced people accused of crack cocaine violations. While it didn’t completely eliminate the disparity between powder cocaine and crack sentences, it did improve things slightly. Adding to the good news of the FSA, a federal Appeals Court ruled this week to make the FSA retroactive, […]

Supreme Court Takes Up Florida Drug-Sniffing Dogs

If a police officer smells marijuana wafting from your vehicle as they approach, it may give them enough probable cause to search you and your car without a warrant. But what if that smell is undetectable to a human but noticeable to a trained police dog—would it still be a protected (allowable) search under the […]

US Appeals Court Hears Case on Marijuana Sched I Classification

In front of a three-judge Court of Appeals panel, attorneys argued the federal government, through the DEA, failed to take into consideration hard evidence and science when choosing to classify marijuana as a Schedule I substance. They are arguing that pot be reclassified as having some medical use, what would be a big step towards […]

Jury Nullification in New Hampshire Marijuana-Growing Case

In a very unusual case out of New Hampshire, we get to see the power of jury nullification in clearing a man accused of growing his own marijuana. Jury nullification is the rare occurance where a jury determines even though the evidence may prove a crime, a conviction wouldn’t be fair, for whatever reason. Many […]