Crack Cocaine Sentencing Reductions Ruled Retroactive

The 2010 Fair Sentencing Act changed the way federal courts sentenced people accused of crack cocaine violations. While it didn’t completely eliminate the disparity between powder cocaine and crack sentences, it did improve things slightly. Adding to the good news of the FSA, a federal Appeals Court ruled this week to make the FSA retroactive, […]

Texas Jury Pool Stands Against Drug Possession Case

A growing number of Americans are tired of the War on Drugs being fought against small-time offenders. They are tired of seeing people they know slapped with criminal records for having small amounts of drugs and they are tired of the court system being bound up by cases involving casual users rather than big time […]

Supreme Court Supports Fair Sentencing in Cocaine Possession

The Fair Sentencing Act was passed in 2010, but the Supreme Court is still trying to sort out matters regarding who the new law applies to. The FSA was designed to make crack-cocaine sentences more fair than they already were. While the law didn’t make crack sentences the same as those for powder cocaine, it […]

Crack Cocaine Fair Sentencing Act Takes Effect

Thousands of federal inmates stand to be released early now that the Fair Sentencing Act took effect on Tuesday. The Act, passed by Congress in 2010, was designed to reduce sentencing disparities between those convicted of powder cocaine versus crack cocaine offenses. While it’s not entirely “fair”, the act does improve things significantly.