CA Supreme Court Says Cities and Towns Can Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

On Monday the California Supreme Court voted 7 to 0 to allow cities and towns in the state to ban medical cannabis dispensaries and collectives in their jurisdiction. The court upheld a ban by the city of Riverside, CA, a ban that was challenged by theĀ Inland Empire Patient’s Health and Wellness Center.

The Balance Between Regulation And Freedom in Medical Marijuana

In many states, restrictions on medical cannabis cause a lot of patients in need to go without or go to the black market. But the state of California has long been known for its lack of regulations.

Two Medical Marijuana Measures Set To Battle in Los Angeles in May

A total of three medical marijuana initiatives will be on the Los Angeles ballot on May 21st, but only two of them are receiving any kind of support.

Feds Descend on LA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Several Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries were raided by federal agents this week. The LA Times reports this is the first large-scale federal crackdown in the city, and there are expected to be more.

California Marijuana Possession Decriminalized

As of 1/1/11, possession of less than 1 oz of marijuana in California is no longer a criminal offense. This civil infraction can still get you a ticket for $100, but there is no threat of a criminal charge or a criminal record for a 1st offense charge. You can still be charged with a […]