Methamphetamines or “meth”, is classified as  controlled substance under New York drug laws. It is also known by many slang names, such as amp, blue belly, crank, crystal, white cross and others. It is a habit forming drug and is likely to be abused.

Most people think of methamphetamine as an illegal drug, however, “meth” is in fact available in the prescriptive form for the medication of obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).   Although, the drug is rarely given to a patients and only prescribed when no other remedy is available due to the high probability of the drug to be abused.

Being a prescription drug, the act of buying and the mere possession of it do not automatically qualify as an offense. But it is worthy to note that drug possession laws are strictly implemented on all states with penalties handed out promptly. At the earliest, it is always important to get hold of an aggressive attorney who is able to provide good options in disposing of drug possession charges.

New York Drug Laws – Methamphetamines Production and Manufacture

It is illegal to possess the elements or ingredients to cook or manufacture meth, with the intent to produce it.

The possession of a precursor, chemical reagent or solvent with intent to use such to unlawfully produce, prepare or manufacture methamphetamine is either a Class-A misdemeanor or Cass-E felony depending on other relevant circumstances.

 See 220.70 NY Penal Law

The manufacture of methamphetamines is an offense considered on three degrees. An offense of the third degree is a class-D felony involving the discovery of two or more items of laboratory equipment or precursor, chemical reagents, solvent or if found to possess a combination of a precursor and:

  1. mixed together with a chemical reagent or solvent; or
  2. with two or more chemical reagents and/or solvents mixed together.

An offense of unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine is considered on the second degree once it is committed in the presence of another person under the age of sixteen with the actor being five (5) years older than the other person.

Prior and previous charges and conviction is also considered to aggravate unlawful manufacture on to the second degree and as a Class-C felony.

Unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine in the first degree is a Class-B felony.

This results from a prior conviction due to a violation of unlawful manufacture of meth on the second degree  or third degree within five (5) years.

Illegal disposal happens when a person sells or disposes of methamphetamine laboratory materials with the knowledge that such will be used to illegally produce methamphetamines or will be used in the operation of illegal methamphetamine laboratory.

“or she knowingly disposes of, or possesses with  intent  to  dispose  of,  hazardous  or  dangerous  material under circumstances that create a substantial risk to human health  or  safety or a substantial danger to the environment.”

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