The Momentum Behind Marijuana and Hemp Has Never Been Greater

Times are changing. Even those who do not really pay attention to the marijuana law reform movement or what is happening in the world of cannabis can see it. With the historic victories in Colorado and Washington last November and the fanfare surrounding the introduction of legalization and taxation bills on Capitol Hill, marijuana is in the news more than ever.

Longtime marijuana law reform champion Jared Polis – a Democratic Congressman from Colorado – has introduced legislation that would allow states to decide their own course when it comes to cannabis.

“This legislation doesn’t force any state to legalize marijuana, but Colorado and the 18 other jurisdictions that have chosen to allow marijuana for medical or recreational use deserve the certainty of knowing that federal agents won’t raid state-legal businesses,” says Polis. “Congress should simply allow states to regulate marijuana as they see fit and stop wasting federal tax dollars on the failed drug war.”

The poll numbers behind legalization have never been greater either. 53% of respondents in a recent Reason-Rupe Poll want marijuana to be treated the same as alcohol. Some 68% said the feds should leave state-legal growers alone, while 64% say the same about state-legal sellers.

I Got This Dollar From VonsHemp also seems to be making some waves as well, with a new hemp legalization bill in Kentucky getting the support of the most powerful Republican in the U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

“It could produce thousands of jobs,” said Kentucky agricultural commissioner James Comer. “Industrial hemp is totally different than marijuana. It should be treated like corn or soybeans.”

“After long discussions with Senator Rand Paul and Commissioner James Comer on the economic benefits of industrialized hemp,” McConnell said, “I am convinced that allowing its production will be a positive development for Kentucky’s farm families and economy. Commissioner Comer has assured me that his office is committed to pursuing industrialized hemp production in a way that does not compromise Kentucky law enforcement’s marijuana eradication efforts or in any way promote illegal drug use. The utilization of hemp to produce everything from clothing to paper is real and if there is a capacity to center a new domestic industry in Kentucky that will create jobs in these difficult economic times that sounds like a good thing to me.”

Hemp is #1 MedicineThese things were merely pipe dreams a few years ago, if you’ll excuse the pun. Now they are reality, bringing full, nationwide legalization ever closer. But it is up to advocates across the country to keep the momentum going. The worst thing we could do right now is stop and admire our victories.

– Joe Klare

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  • steve

    keep up the march with full legalization,,,,

  • Richard

    If the united states would fully legalize hemp it would save peoples lives. Its not that it hurts anyone god put it here for us to smoke, to love it to share it with people. If are government never legalizes it wont stop people from smoking it most of the stoners just love to smoke it to get stress off their backs. Its not like were harming anyone or are selves. The only reason i think are goverment wont leagalize it is cause their scared that teenagers will get a hold of it and do stronger drugs. When it not the hemp that makes people go to harder drugs its the friends that they hang out with. So keep marching i on ur side hemp should be leageal and it should have been years ago it saves lives and saves people from killing their selves.