Methamphetamine Possession

Being caught in possession of methamphetamines can be a frightening experience. The moment you realize you are being arrested, your mind is flooded with grim possibilities and the possibility of going to prison is no doubt the scariest of them all.

When you are accused of meth possession, you need someone on your side who understands what you’re going through and is interested in helping you minimize the potential penalties you could face. A criminal defense lawyer can be this person—your advocate within the complex criminal justice system.

Methamphetamine Possession Penalties

The penalty you face if convicted of meth possession depends on the jurisdiction in which you are charged. Laws vary from state to state, so what could result in probation in one state could carry a prison sentence in another.

Some states allow for probation when the defendant is a first-time offender. Others charge you with a felony, no matter what your criminal record looks like. Even if you have no prior criminal drug possession, because meth is a Schedule II drug under federal law, you can face a serious felony in many states.

By consulting with a local criminal defense lawyer, you can learn exactly what you are up against and the likelihood that you will face incarceration for such charges in your state.

Drug Courts

Many states allow methamphetamine possession defendants to have their cases handled in drug courts. These courts are focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment, and their programming is very similar to intensive probation.

While under the supervision of the drug court you are required to check in with the judge on a frequent basis. You are also subject to drug testing and required to attend treatment, among other things. If you violate the terms of the drug court, the judge can send you back to the criminal courts where you will again face maximum potential penalties including incarceration.

Meth Possession – Plea Bargains and Defense Strategies

Most cases like this are resolved with a plea agreement. A plea agreement is where you agree to plead guilty to the charges against you in exchange for a lenient sentence. In many cases, you can avoid jail time in this manner. The terms of any plea agreement are determined by negotiations between the defense (you and your attorney) and the prosecutor.

Other defense strategies include challenging the evidence in your case, the police officer’s version of events, or the constitutionality of the search. If you are innocent of the charges, your attorney could defend you at trial as well.

There are many different options for defense strategies. The right one for your particular case is wholly dependent on the unique facts of your situation.

If you are facing methamphetamine possession charges and are in need of a local defense lawyer, we can help. Call or contact us today to speak directly with a criminal defense lawyer in your area.