Meet the “Marijuana Moms” Who Say Cannabis Makes Them Better Parents

Many parents spend their days either under the influence of alcohol or prescription pills. One they tell themselves they need and the other a doctor tells them they need.

In fact, most doctors show no hesitation in prescribing  often dangerous and addictive drugs to parents across the U.S. Parents who have important responsibilities and can’t be battling unwanted effects all day.

It will come as no surprise to many that some parents have turned to medical cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs. This is seen as very “controversial” by many of the very same people who won’t bat an eye at parent being on a drug like percocet or xanax.

Some of the parents who have chosen an alternative form of medicating have coalesced into a group in Beverly Hills called the “Marijuana Moms.” It’s a group of moms who advocate the use of cannabis instead of more dangerous and addictive prescription pills, and who gather periodically to sample different strains and forms of cannabis ingestion together.

Marijuana MomsThe group is lead by Cheryl Shuman, a mother of two and a cannabis activist. “We’ve all come up against people who say marijuana is for dirty druggies, but we are proof you can be good parents and productive members of society and use it,” Shuman said. “I like to think we are bringing some glamor and exclusivity to marijuana use.”

This is one of the many ironies of how cannabis is viewed in today’s society. Thanks to 75 years of propaganda against a non-toxic plant, people who use marijuana are seen as “dirty druggies” by many while those zombied-out on prescription narcotics are just poor sick people trying to get by. There are sick people everywhere, but only some are ostracized for their choice of medication.

One of of the Marijuana Moms is January Thomas, who not only tokes up to five times a day while she looks after her daughter, 2-year-old Zenna, but she reads her child books with titles such as “Mommy’s Funny Medicine,” and “It’s Just A Plant.”

“Marijuana makes me a better and more creative parent,” Thomas said. “It puts me in the moment with Zeena and stops me worrying about everyday problems.”

Thee are some who would say women like this are bad parents; some would even go as far as having their children taken away for endangerment. But these people are quite ignorant of the effects of cannabis. They see hippies sitting on the couch playing XBox and hitting bongs while their kids burn the house down. The truth is that most cannabis users are productive members of society and they are out there getting things done and raising their kids right.

Education of those ignorant about the cannabis plant and what it does is key.

– Joe Klare

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  • joe

    “It puts me in the moment with Zeena and stops me worrying about everyday problems.”

    … laundry or dishes or driving under the influence

    • Mackenna

      Driving under the influence? Where did you get that assumption? And since when has marijuana killed anyone? Not once. I’m sure she’s responsible enough to know that she’s too high to drive with her 2 year old. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • http://n/a joe

        Who said anything about killing? Driving under the influence is child endangerment, and being “too high” does not preclude one from still being under the influence. See M. Bates and T. Blakely. 1999. “Role of cannabis in motor vehicle crashes.” Epidemiologic Reviews 21: 222-232, who concluded marijuana impairs driving behavior. That being said, I understand every person has different levels of impairment, but the potential exposure to child endangerment issue cannot be ignored. Look at Paula Poundstone (granted, her offense involved alcohol).

        • rastafrieden

          Who are you to assume she’s even driving under the influence, or if she’s “too high.” I’d rather have my mother high, then fucking up her brain with all the prescription medicine. & they say the same thing about pills & driving, but thats not an issue cause the general public doesn’t look that way. I know plenty of parents who smoke, & raise a wonderful smart child who i don’t believe is in any danger.

        • Joe Bagadonutz

          @ Joe So you would rather have a mom on pain killers, which are opiates, which are controlled substances, which are legal with a prescription, driving with their child in the car versus taking a couple of puffs of marijuana to create a situation of high tolerance to the stress of not only driving, but also dealing with a child? Just so you know, a study was done in WA state to test the effects of the current legal limits of marijuana (5ng per milliliter of blood). The test proved that the current limit does not IN ANY WAY affect driving. In fact, they tested at 10 times the legal limit and all the drivers still passed. Signs of driving impairment weren’t present until the drivers were tested at 20 TIMES the current legal limit. Joe, you are obviously one of the ignorant and have demonstrated a complete lack of knowledge on the effects of marijuana. And, if you have not used marijuana you have no right to comment on anything related to it. Feel free to continue to be a windbag on a public forum though. You are going to be quite disappointed at the results of the next election. Now the majority of the states in the union have either passed or intend to have legalization/medical/decriminalization on the ballot. The latest and greatest region to allow some form of legalization would be all the states in New England. I would like to be polite and say that I hate to burst your bubble, but then I would be lying. I thoroughly enjoy debunking your feeble attempt at logic.

          • http://n/a joe

            Joe Bagodonutz: Frankly, including ad hominem attacks tends to vitiate any validity your argument may have. Your argument first starts with the mistaken premise that I accept that driving while on prescription meds or even OTC drugs in an impaired state is acceptable. It is not, and should not be. But I don’t make the laws. Second, in terms of the per se limit of 5ng in Washington, I would agree the limit would on its face appear just as arbitrary as the .08 for alcohol, if that is your point. You easily forget I acknowledged everyone’s state of impairment could be different. However, I know not of the study you speak, and you fail to give me any citation. If your intent is to educate, or even refute me, citations to your sources shows your not just talking out your ass. Should I assume that you because you do not, you are doing just that? But I am aware there are studies that state the opposite of what you say. “At concentrations between 5 and 10 ng/mL approximately 75-90% of the observations were indicative of significant impairment in every performance test,” reported Ramaekers et al in 2006. See In any event, my original, albeit snarky, point to begin with is that the mother cited in the article said she tokes fives times a day, and I would tend to believe this implicates a risk of child endangerment should driving under the influence come into the picture. That will never change, legalized or not.

    • Cleveland

      Your a bitch

      • David Matson

        Apparently there’s been a lot of drama lately over Cheryl Shuman, the brand and organization “Moms for Marijuana” and who controls it.

        Putting those disputes aside, we support the larger point that smoking marijuana does not disqualify you from being a good mom.

  • Amanda

    I wouldn’t say it makes me a better parent. It makes it possible for me to be ore functional, seeing that I have IBS and Fibromayalgia. If I didn’t have cannabis, I wouldn’t be able to work every day and then come home to play with my very energetic 2 year old! (As well as everything else that comes with being a single mom.) I can relate to it helping you be in the moment with your child… when you are stressed or in pain or whatever is wrong with someone, it’s difficult to really feel like you’re doing your best for your kid. Even if you are. When you are sick, or anxious, and it takes over your life it makes you feel guilty.
    Most of the people commenting about the women in this article are probably on some prescribed medicine or other. Most of the medications we take for the same things Cannabis patients take also have warnings like “Do not drive after taking.”
    Some of them even change your mood and emotions.
    The problem isn’t that people are taking a “drug.”
    It’s the “drug” they’re taking.
    And… by the way… my drug is safer than yours. And that’s a fact.