Medical Marijuana Distributor Dies In Prison

It was only supposed to be a five-year term, but it turned out to be a life sentence for Richard Flor, 68, a former medical marijuana distributor, who died in custody from two hear t attacks while being transported to federal prison.

Flor, a Miles City Montana resident had pleaded guilty to drug charges and received a sentence last April of five years in prison for operating a medical marijuana distribution operation from his home.  At that time he had asked the court for leniency due to his severe mental and physical problems, according to TOKE OF THE TOWN.

Flor leaves his wife, Sherry, 55, and son Justin, 35.  His family also pleaded guilty to their involvement in the marijuana operation.

Flor’s business, “Montana Cannabis” was targeted by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) during one of the Obama Administration’s crackdown on medical marijuana raids.  Nearly 30 Montana medical marijuana businesses, warehouses and residences were investigated in the wave of raids in Montana.

Court documents say the Flors worked with an anonymous conspirator growing over 220 pounds of cannabis in local areas to distribute in Billings, Helena, Miles City and Missoula.

Federal agents believe the Flors garnered $17 million for their involvement from January 2007 through March of 2011, by allegedly laundering the cash through various bank accounts.

The Flors family was also charged with having 28 firearms in their possession.