Heroin Possession

Being accused of heroin possession is an extraordinarily difficult and humbling experience. Heroin is considered one of the most addictive drugs and it carries a dark stigma. to many people. When faced with criminal drug charges like this, it can feel like you are being judged long before you have your day in court.

The stakes are high and you face serious penalties if convicted of heroin possession. Though the exact consequences vary from state to state and even locality to locality, they have the potential to be life changing no matter where you are.

Jail time, fines, loss of driving privileges, and a permanent criminal record are just a few of the potential legal penalties. Add to these any personal and professional fallout and your heroin charges could mark one of the worst things that have ever happened in your life.

Heroin Possession Penalties

As stated, the legal penalties you face for possession of heroin depend mostly on where it is that you are charged. Some states classify small amounts of heroin as misdemeanor offenses. Others classify all heroin possession cases as felonies. The difference here could be a few months in jail as opposed to a few years in prison.

In addition to jail time, you will be ordered to pay fines, potentially lose your license, and be left with a criminal record. The long term effects of this can last for years, even impacting your ability to find a good job.

Plea Bargains in Heroin Possession Cases

Nearly all heroin possession cases in this country end in a plea agreement. This is where you, as the defendant, seek to get a more lenient sentence by agreeing to plead guilty to at least a portion of the charges against you.

Depending on the facts of your case and your criminal history, your defense lawyer may be able to help you avoid jail time with a favorable plea agreement, or at the least, avoid the most severe penalties you are facing.

Drug Courts

Most states in this country now have drug court programs. These courts are designed to help people overcome heroin addiction, in heroin possession cases. The focus is on treatment, and although they will help you avoid jail time, drug courts are still intensive programs.

Drug courts can be compared to intense periods of probation. Participants are required to check-in with the judge frequently, as well as submit to random drug tests, and participate in drug treatment, counseling, and a number of other requirements. Failure to abide by these requirements will result in your case going back to the criminal courts.

Legal Defense Strategies

There are no hard and fast rules to the perfect defense strategy. Your attorney will help determine the best course of action given your particular circumstances and what is most likely to product positive results.

This can often mean challenging the evidence in your case or the constitutionality of the arrest and the search that lead to the alleged possession.

Building a solid defense begins with a legal consultation.

If you are facing heroin possession charges, call today to speak with a local defense attorney. Contact us today, there is no obligation.