What Does 2013 Hold for Marijuana Law Reform?

2012 was certainly an epic year for marijuana law reform, the biggest year for the legalization movement since its inception decades ago. It was a culmination of many years of hard work and of laying the groundwork for victory. Great momentum has been achieved and must be capitalized on. Rob Kampia, the Executive Director of […]

Mendocino County, California Battles The Federal Government Over Medical Marijuana

An epic battle is shaping up in California as Mendocino County resists efforts from the federal government to get a hold of records relating to a now-defunct program that registered medical marijuana growers in the county.

California Business Owner Faces 15 Years For Running A Legal Dispensary

When talking about hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries being closed around the country, it’s easy to forget that they are not just numbers; they are people, each with their own story. Matthew Davies is facing 15 years in prison for running a completely lawful business under California state law.

Thousands Support Medical Marijuana Prisoner

Following a federal search by agents in March of 2011, medical cannabis provider Chris Williams is fighting prosecution and a possible 92-year jail sentence.

Marijuana Use Rises Among Teens

The annual National Institute on Drug Abuse survey of teen drug use is out, and it shows an increase among adolescents when it comes to marijuana use. According to the survey conducted by the University of Michigan, 6.5% of high school seniors use marijuana on a daily basis, up from 5.1% five years ago. Among those […]

Comedic Legend Tommy Chong on Marijuana Legalization and the Demise of the DEA

It has been a long time coming. Back when the legendary comedic duo “Cheech & Chong” first started doing stand up routines and making comedy albums that would later inspire a string of classic movies, marijuana legalization was a pipe dream, pun intended. Fast forward to 2012 and the recreational legalization of marijuana in two […]

Modern Prohibition Era Raids Continue

Years from now, these cannabis raid stories will seem as strange as we view the era of alcohol prohibition now. But until then the real cost and tragedy continues – in money spent, in crime, and in lives. Nearly one ton of cannabis, estimated at a street value of almost $3 million, was confiscated by […]

Officials in Mexico Say Marijuana Legalization Votes in U.S. Could Be a Game Changer

While recent marijuana legalization votes in WA and CO begin the process of reducing profits to Mexican drug cartels, officials in Mexico itself say that the votes are also important in the way their newly elected President handles the drug war.