Should All Drugs Be Legalized?

Colorado and Washington have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and thus far it’s gone quite well. Crime is down and the states are making significant money of the sale and implementation of their newly created marijuana industries. But could a similar system be applied for all drugs? Is the answer to the failed War […]

Help Prevent ODs: Make Narcan Emergency Kits Available Without a Prescription

Imagine coming upon a stark and yet subtle scene of overdose. A person is laying on a sidewalk. Breathing is very shallow and the person’s skin seems to be getting grayish blue. This person may be dying from an opioid overdose. Seconds are critical — immediately calling 911 is vital. However, first responders may not […]

Marijuana Use Up, Prescription Drug Abuse Down According to Feds

On Monday, the federal government released the latest data on drug use and found some interesting changes. For the first time in several years, prescription drug abuse is down. Some attribute this to new state laws designed to monitor prescriptions and crack down on offenders. At the same time, marijuana use is up.

As OxyContin Use Plummets, Heroin Use Skyrockets

In what’s characterized as evidence of the “utter failure” of the drug war, abuse of the prescription opiate OxyContin is down as users flock to it’s cheaper cousin, heroin.

States Continue to Crack Down on Prescription Drug “Tourists”

The illegal prescription drug trade has moved a little but is still operating on high. According to the San Francisco Gate, states across the country and still particularly in the Southeastern region are struggling to keep ahead of the fast moving trade.

Prescription Drug Abuse a “National Crisis”

State Attorney Generals of both Florida and Kentucky testified before Congress this week that the prescription drug problem is a national problem and something the states should approach with unity. White House drug czar agreed, admitting that until recently the federal government hadn’t been too concerned about the growing problem.

Medical Marijuana Use Reduces Traffic Deaths

Medical Marijuana Use Reduces Traffic Deaths, Acts As Substitute For Alcohol Consumption, Study Says A good deal of time, money, and energy has been spent on the issue of drinking and driving. For all the hype surrounding medical marijuana these days, however, not only is anti-driving advocacy weak —data on the effects of marijuana and traffic […]

All But Two States Have Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Enacted

According to the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use, about 7 million people in the United States use prescription drugs for non-medicinal purposes. It’s been called a national epidemic and though states have responded en masse, passing new laws to combat the problem, those involved in the prescription drug trade have stayed one step ahead […]