Doctors Who Take An Honest Look at Medical Marijuana Will See The Value

Medical marijuana is not something the vast majority of people were exposed to growing up. Most people have to rely on what they hear in the media to even get an idea of what medical cannabis is all about. This is changing gradually as more states pass MMJ laws.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Calls Medical Marijuana “One of the Great Hoaxes of All Time”

Many of you reading this know the medical effects of cannabis because you have experienced them. So when you hear someone say that cannabis has no medicinal properties, their ignorance is immediately apparent. Take New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for example. Calling the movement behind marijuana legalization “wrong-headed,” he told WOR radio last week, “Medical, […]

New York Assemblyman Busted for Marijuana, Changes Position on Medical Marijuana

A few month ago New York Assemblyman Steve Katz was pulled over for speeding and was found to be in possession of about an eighth of an ounce of cannabis. He was given a ticket. Now, after voting against a medical marijuana bill in the assembly last year, Rep. Katz says he is not only supporting […]

Could Florida Be Next for Medical Marijuana Legislation?

Update Jan 2014: Supporters say they have gathered 1.1 million signatures for, so it is all but assured medical marijuana will be on the ballot for Florida voters to consider this November. Amazing work by United for Care in getting it done! With all the momentum behind this effort, some pundits are even speculating that […]

Medical Marijuana…For Pets?

We spend a lot of time talking about the medical marijuana rights of human beings, and for good reason. When people are locked up for choosing a safer form of medication, the system is broken. But we sometimes forget about others in our lives who may be in pain, mainly because they can’t say, “hey, […]

Medical Marijuana Relief Coming for Some in Illinois

The Illinois legislature recently passed medical marijuana legalization in the state and Governor Pat Quinn has said he is “open minded” about signing the legislation.

New Jersey’s Youngest Medical Marijuana Waits for Relief

Vivian Wilson is two-years-old and she is New Jersey’s youngest registered medical cannabis patient. She has a rare and severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome. She must sleep attached to a heart monitor and an oxygen monitor and can’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

The IRS and Their War on Medical Marijuana

The Internal Revenue Service. One of the most hated and all-powerful government agencies in the United States, now mired in scandal. And for medical marijuana patients and providers, the IRS is the 800-pound gorilla that could wipe out the entire medical cannabis industry.

California Moves One Step Closer to Medical Marijuana Regulation

On Monday the California state Senate approved a bill that would bring more regulation to the state’s medical marijuana industry. “This bill is not about the legalization of marijuana,” said Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento. “It does seek to assure that patients who need medical cannabis have access to it. It is intended to […]

Tommy Chong on the Healing Power of Cannabis

It’s always great when comedic legend Tommy Chong drops some knowledge, and the latest bit of knowledge is good news indeed: he’s cancer-free! So here are very few people on this planet who know more about the healing power of cannabis than Tommy Chong.