Boston Freedom Rally 2014 Thoughts

First and foremost, the organizers and volunteers at MassCann pulled off a virtually flawless 2 day event. The amount of work and organizational effort it takes to pull this event off is IMMENSE. The Boston Freedom Rally is the 2nd largest annual marijuana reform rally in the country, and they’ve been doing this for 25 […]

Should All Drugs Be Legalized?

Colorado and Washington have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and thus far it’s gone quite well. Crime is down and the states are making significant money of the sale and implementation of their newly created marijuana industries. But could a similar system be applied for all drugs? Is the answer to the failed War […]

Marijuana Legalization Support at Record High, 75% Say Legalization “Inevitable”

New polling shows Americans are not backing down on their support or acceptance of marijuana legalization. Overall support has continued it’s upward trend, and is now at 54% overall, another record high in support.

“I Like Marijuana and I’m a Normal Person”

The walls are truly coming down on marijuana use and behind them the nation is seeing that not everyone who indulges in a joint or a marijuana-infused lollipop is a jobless, lazy pothead. Instead, business owners, teachers, stay-at-home moms, and those seeking relief from any number of physical ailments are coming forward and admitting, “I […]

Marijuana Legalization in Colorado and Washington Must Succeed to End War on Drugs

All eyes were on Colorado this week as the state’s first marijuana storefronts opened to the public. Though voters there decided to legalize recreational pot more than a year ago, the framework is now in place to make the marijuana industry a reality. Both there and in Washington, there is a ton of pressure to […]

Where Can I Buy Legal Marijuana?

On January 1st, 2014, Colorado became the first place in the world to allow anyone over 21 to purchase marijuana legally for any purpose, i.e. recreational use. Wait, wasn’t it already legal in Amsterdam? And what about Uruguay? Not really, and not yet. Here are the details: Colorado Colorado retail stores just opened on 1/1/14, […]

Majority of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization

Support for marijuana legalization is growing everywhere, and that trend is accelerating rapidly. It’s obvious with the shifting laws and the results of a recent Gallup poll. According to that poll, support for legalization is higher than ever. While some suggest these polls shouldn’t be the end-all barometer of public opinion, there is little arguing […]

Marijuana Usage Rates Remain Relatively Steady Over Past Several Decades

Nationwide trends toward legalization and decriminalization of marijuana is not actually increasing the number of users. Critics of the changing marijuana tides would have you think that all this talk about pot is likely causing an increase in usage. We hear about marijuana on the news, on sitcoms, and at the watercooler—surely this growing acceptance […]

US Mayors Tell Feds to Back Off Marijuana Laws

Taking a stand against the federal government’s meddling marijuana enforcement, the United States Conference of Mayors passed a resolution calling on the feds to back off. In that resolution, the mayors from across the country told the federal government to respect the wishes of the states and the citizens to enact marijuana laws as they […]

Does Marijuana Make You Stupid?

Much is made of marijuana use and intelligence. A typical stereotype of a cannabis user is that they are stupid, their minds numbed by the evil weed. There was even a recent study purporting to show a link between marijuana use and poor academic performance. Amanda Reiman of the Drug Policy Alliance took on this study […]