Should All Drugs Be Legalized?

Colorado and Washington have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and thus far it’s gone quite well. Crime is down and the states are making significant money of the sale and implementation of their newly created marijuana industries. But could a similar system be applied for all drugs? Is the answer to the failed War […]

Help Prevent ODs: Make Narcan Emergency Kits Available Without a Prescription

Imagine coming upon a stark and yet subtle scene of overdose. A person is laying on a sidewalk. Breathing is very shallow and the person’s skin seems to be getting grayish blue. This person may be dying from an opioid overdose. Seconds are critical — immediately calling 911 is vital. However, first responders may not […]

As OxyContin Use Plummets, Heroin Use Skyrockets

In what’s characterized as evidence of the “utter failure” of the drug war, abuse of the prescription opiate OxyContin is down as users flock to it’s cheaper cousin, heroin.