Should All Drugs Be Legalized?

Colorado and Washington have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and thus far it’s gone quite well. Crime is down and the states are making significant money of the sale and implementation of their newly created marijuana industries. But could a similar system be applied for all drugs? Is the answer to the failed War […]

All Decriminalization Laws are Not Equal

Reform of marijuana laws continues to expand, with new decriminalization laws passing in DC and Maryland just this year. But just because having a small amount of marijuana has been reduced to a civil penalty where you live doesn’t mean the police won’t hassle you or look for (or invent) other reasons to arrest you. […]

DOJ Announces Sentence Commutations for Non-Violent Drug Offenders

The Fair Sentencing Act was signed in 2010 in an effort to at least lessen the disparate racial effects of crack-cocaine laws. Many men who had been sentenced before the signing of the law were languishing behind bars, some for decades, for non-violent crack offenses. In December, Obama commuted eight of these sentences, freeing the […]

Interview with Tom Angell of Marijuana Majority

Tom Angell of Marijuana Majority is a longtime activist and organizer, who has worked with Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and now runs Marijuana Majority. — David Matson: Tom, can you tell me a little about yourself? How did you get into the Marijuana activism business? Tom Angell: I’ve been working […]

Study: Alcohol Far More Common than Drugs to Blame in Fatal Car Crashes

While lawmakers across the nation scramble to find more ways to criminalize marijuana, even as laws are changing to free it up, they often discuss the dangers of people using marijuana and getting behind the wheel. But a new study suggests that shouldn’t be their top concern in reducing the number of auto accidents. Drug […]

Do I Need a Lawyer for A Drug Possession Case?

While there are  promising trends toward reform of the ridiculous and outdated US drug laws, in most places you will still be charged with a crime for possession of any drug, including marijuana. You might feel that a simple possession charge is a minor incident that doesn’t require any professional legal defense intervention on your […]

School Zone Drug Laws are Racist

When the War on Drugs took over our country, laws were enacted left and right to “stick it to” the drug dealers. Fear and propaganda were used to gain support for some of the harshest criminal laws of all time—laws that would essentially send people away for decades or more for nonviolent, and “victimless” offenses. […]

Huge Federal Policy Directive Change on Marijuana Prosecutions

Justice Dept. Says it Will Keep Hands Off State Pot Laws In a dramatic policy change, the Justice Department announced they will not challenge state marijuana laws so long as they don’t conflict with eight federal priorities. We’ve been waiting for the Administration to take an official position on the matter for what seems like […]

Why The Obama Administration is Still Mum on Marijuana

It seems like we’ve been waiting an eternity on the Obama Administration to tell us how they will handle marijuana. Because the federal laws on marijuana differ so greatly from the states’ and those states greatly differ from one another, a medical marijuana patient, for example, doesn’t know quite where they stand in regards to […]

White House Drug Czar Speaks Out Against State Marijuana Laws

While the nation waits to see how U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will address the changing marijuana laws, White House Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske made it clear that, in his mind, nothing has changed and marijuana is still both dangerous and illegal. According to McClatchy Newspapers, Kerlikowske was in Baltimore this week to announce the […]