Drugs And Addiction – The Legal Opinion of a Justice in Canada

“Only one percent of those who use cannabis do it daily, proving it is not addicting.” Charged with Drug Possession? Please call (800) 761-2093. Ontario Justice J.F. McCart The current legal status of marijuana in Canada is under dispute. Courts in Ontario have ruled Canada’s cannabis laws to have no force. However, 66% of Canadians […]

Eighty-Seven Year Old Denver Man Arrested For Hundreds Of Marijuana Plants

Well, the world is finally safe from an 87-year-old man from Denver accused of growing 400 marijuana plants in his backyard.

Colorado Election Could Legalize Cannabis

                  Amendment 64 is on the November ballot in Colorado. Marijuana Would be treated like alcohol. Adults over 21 could possess limited amounts for personal use. Licenses would be┬áprovided┬áto producers and sellers. Marijuana would be taxes, the first $40 million in revenue would benefit public school construction. […]

Disqualified From Olympics For Pot: Is It Just About Reputation?

American judo player Nick Delpopolo is gaining fame not for his participation in the Olympics, but rather for the reason he was disqualified from participating. Delpopolo, 23, tested positive for cannabis in his system, which he said he ingested unintentionally in marijuana brownies prior to leaving for the Olympics, according to NEWS.SKY.COM.

Woody Harrelson Questions Drug Wars Vs. Personal Freedom

Pain Relief Alternatives

When used with optiates, cannabinoids (marijuana) increase relief from pain, and decrease the need for opiates and their more harmful side effects. Source: Journal of Psychoactive Drugs Embed this image on your site: Source: DrugPossessionLaws.com

Cannabis Prohibition Turned 75 Yesterday, What Has It Gotten US?

Happy birthday Cannabis Prohibition, it turned seventy five Aug. 2. Following in the footsteps of the failed Alcohol Prohibition experiment of the 1920s, it continues to limit individual rights and cause citizens to participate in illegal activities.

As LA Dispensaries Prepare To Close, Councilman Admits To Using Herb

For the first time ever, a politician at Los Angeles City Hall is admitting to the public that he is a recipient of medical marijuana, and has had a prescription for a decade.

Which One Is Legal Again?

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Advocates Prepare to Fight LA Medicinal Marijuana Ban

Only time will tell if medicinal marijuana advocates are going to be able to save LA from the decision of a few short-sighted politicians.