Fiona Apple’s Cannabis Arrest: What Will She Do Next?

It was TMZ who first broke the story of the arrest of 90s anti-pop princess Fiona Apple’s Sept. 19 arrest.  Apple, 35, did not deny the marijuana was hers when authorities discovered hash and cannabis in the tour bus she’s using to promote her new album, “The Idler Wheel”.

Amanda Bynes Smokes And Drives… Giving Marijuana A Bad Rep?

Teen queen superstar and now young adult actress Amanda Bynes is in the news today for being photographed smoking from a marijuana pipe designed to look like a cigarette lighter in her car, and driving while on a suspended license.

‘Substitute Judge’ Given Month In Prison For Possession

A substitute judge in Virginia’s Shenandoah County has been sentenced to 30 days in prison following a conviction for growing cannabis on his property.

Farmer ‘Accidentally’ Grows Over 1,000 Pot Plants

He says he only meant to grow tall sunflower plants, but instead a 74-year-old German farmer unknowingly planted and grew a crop of over 1,000 cannabis shrubs instead.

Cannabis As Different As Day And Night

    Charged with Drug Possession? Please call (888) 632-5650.                

Medical Marijuana Distributor Dies In Prison

It was only supposed to be a five-year term, but it turned out to be a life sentence for Richard Flor, 68, a former medical marijuana distributor, who died in custody from two hear t attacks while being transported to federal prison.

Medical Marijuana Distributors Face Up To 40 Year Prison Sentences For Illegal Selling

Rather than attempting to fight the system,  owners of two marijuana dispensaries pleaded guilty Aug. 28 to drug trafficking in a federal court.  They said they were selling cannabis for profit, in large quantities, which violated federal and state law.

‘Cannabis’ Receptor Helps Scientists Understand Obesity And Disorders

New reports from Aberdeen scientists conclude cannabis is the key to understanding the conditions that lead to obesity, and other disorders related to addiction.

Denver Bans Public Medical Marijuana Advertising

The Denver City Council is blatantly ignoring pleas from dispensary owners and medical marijuana patients and are in the process of banning all outdoor medical marijuana advertising in the city.

Court: ‘It’s Okay Police Located Man Using His Cellphone GPS While Jogging’

In a move straight out of the novel 1984, a U.S. appeals court has ruled that police could legitimately use the GPS function of a man’s mobile phone to track him down for selling marijuana while he was out for a jog.