Should PTSD Patients Use Cannabis? Vets Say Yes

Update June 2017: Finally! 5 years after full legalization in Colorado and 16 years after medical marijuana legalization, veterans are now allowed to use marijuana in Colorado for PTSD without risking their Federal VA benefits. Inclusion as a legitimate medical use means Vets and others with PTSD can acquire medical cannabis that is best suited for treating anxiety and related symptoms […]

Will You Pass A Drug Test? Here Are The Guidelines

Even where medical and recreational marijuana is completely legal, you can STILL be fired for failing a drug test. Worker rights are the next battle for the rights of marijuana smokers. And in the near future, we hope this will not be an issue. But for now, drug testing can still be a major obstacle […]

Thousands Support Medical Marijuana Prisoner

Following a federal search by agents in March of 2011, medical cannabis provider Chris Williams is fighting prosecution and a possible 92-year jail sentence.

Activist Who Provided Cannabis To The Sick Given 4 – 6 Year Sentence

After decades of dedicating himself to supporting medical cannabis and providing it to people who were suffering, Dana Beal, 65, of Wahoo, Neb., was sentenced to four to six years of prison time for possessing 150 pounds in his van in Ashland, Neb., in 2009.

Washington Bar Allows Indoor Marijuana Use

Maybe it’s the first in a new wave, or maybe it will stay the only place in the state.  But as it stands, Frankie’s Sports Bar & Grill in Olympia, Washington, is the first establishment to allow the smoking of marijuana. Frankie’s Bar & Grill has a smoking-friendly second floor recently named “Friends of Frankie’s,” […]

Washington And Colorado Add To Legalization Momentum

They say if there’s no victim, there is no crime.  And clearly residents of Washington and Colorado agree.

Legalization: A Domino Effect?

Aside from having built-in amusement at drawn out family functions, having a twin growing up as also useful when it came to trying out new things, whether it was an unrecognizable vegetable being forced upon us, or later in life, when it was time to give marriage a try.

Cannabis Extract Now Believed to Ease MS Stiffness

The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry has published new findings that cannabis extract helps ease painful muscle stiffness for those suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).

Lodge Backs Out Of Hosting Trivia Night: Didn’t Realize ‘Cannabis’ Is ‘Marijuana’

A pro legalization group in Missouri, Show-Me Cannabis, lost the venue to a trivia night they were planning because Elks lodge staff said they were unaware when they agreed to the night that “cannabis” is in fact marijuana.

Chris Brown In Court After Testing Positive For Cannabis

The R&B superstar Chris Brown who has the moves of Michael Jackson but a girlfriend-abusing past is in court again after testing positive for cannabis.