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Meet the “Marijuana Moms” Who Say Cannabis Makes Them Better Parents

Many parents spend their days either under the influence of alcohol or prescription pills. One they tell themselves they need and the other a doctor tells them they need. In fact, most doctors show no hesitation in prescribing  often dangerous and addictive drugs to parents across the U.S. Parents who have important responsibilities and can’t […]

Producer and Host Morgan Spurlock Delves Into the Issue of Medical Marijuana

Documentary filmmaker was recently on CNN talking with Piers Morgan about Spurlock’s new CNN show, “Inside Man.” In the first episode of the 8-episode series, Spurlock tackles the medical marijuana industry.

Pot and Pop Culture

When you are watching a TV show and one of the characters takes a drink of alcohol, most people don’t even think about it. They could have taken a drink of anything, or even taken a bite of a sandwich; it all comes across as a routine part of the character’s day, and therefore a […]

Does Marijuana Make You Stupid?

Much is made of marijuana use and intelligence. A typical stereotype of a cannabis user is that they are stupid, their minds numbed by the evil weed. There was even a recent study purporting to show a link between marijuana use and poor academic performance. Amanda Reiman of the Drug Policy Alliance took on this study […]

Researchers Say Marijuana Prohibition is Censoring Science

Marijuana prohibition has set back scientific research on the cannabis plant greatly over the last several decades, researchers are saying. David Nutt, who is a professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, said in a recent issue of the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience that, “The decision to outlaw these drugs was based on their perceived dangers, but […]

Doctors Who Take An Honest Look at Medical Marijuana Will See The Value

Medical marijuana is not something the vast majority of people were exposed to growing up. Most people have to rely on what they hear in the media to even get an idea of what medical cannabis is all about. This is changing gradually as more states pass MMJ laws.

Marijuana Myths

There are a tremendous amount of myths and misconceptions surrounding the cannabis plant. This is because most adults in the U.S. are not regular marijuana users. Many have never used it, and if they did, it was many years ago. Most of these people will believe whatever they hear or see about marijuana in TV […]

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Calls Medical Marijuana “One of the Great Hoaxes of All Time”

Many of you reading this know the medical effects of cannabis because you have experienced them. So when you hear someone say that cannabis has no medicinal properties, their ignorance is immediately apparent. Take New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for example. Calling the movement behind marijuana legalization “wrong-headed,” he told WOR radio last week, “Medical, […]

New York Assemblyman Busted for Marijuana, Changes Position on Medical Marijuana

A few month ago New York Assemblyman Steve Katz was pulled over for speeding and was found to be in possession of about an eighth of an ounce of cannabis. He was given a ticket. Now, after voting against a medical marijuana bill in the assembly last year, Rep. Katz says he is not only supporting […]

Medical Marijuana…For Pets?

We spend a lot of time talking about the medical marijuana rights of human beings, and for good reason. When people are locked up for choosing a safer form of medication, the system is broken. But we sometimes forget about others in our lives who may be in pain, mainly because they can’t say, “hey, […]