Federal Judges Moving Toward State “Drug Court” Models

Anytime the federal justice system takes a lenient stance on drug laws, it’s a little shocking. It’s particularly shocking when we see how tightly the Justice Department grips its beloved war on marijuana. But, some federal judges are taking cues from the states in how to punish small time drug offenders. According to the New […]

The Money in Legal Marijuana

Following Washington’s and Colorado’s passing of recreational marijuana legislation, the country is loosening up a bit in marijuana talk. If the topic was taboo among some prior to the law changes, it’s negative connotations are falling by the wayside, particularly as the potential for serious money making is realized. What would once get you locked […]

NYPD Uses One Million Police Hours for Marijuana Arrests In Single Decade

There is little hiding the fact that the New York Police Department likes enforcing marijuana laws—even the little ones. But a new report from the Drug Policy Alliance indicates just how pronounced the NYPD’s affinity for marijuana enforcement really is.

Former DEA-Heads Say Holder Should Sue States Over Marijuana

As U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder continues to say that the Department of Justice is looking at all their options in how they will handle pot legalization in Washington and Colorado, ex-DEA chiefs are calling on him to act quickly or risk marijuana chaos in those states and more to come.

Hawaii Pot Legalization Bill Dies

Hawaii won’t likely be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana. A bill that would have made it legal for adults over the age of 21 died this week in the state House of Representatives. Still, advocates are not dissuaded from continuing the fight.

Hemp Farming Bill Introduced in Congress

One of several federal bills regarding cannabis sativa is the bill that would allow for industrial hemp production. Hemp is a variety of cannabis that doesn’t contain much of THC (the stuff that gets you high). As the only “developed” nation that doesn’t allow industrialized hemp as a crop, the country is missing out on […]

Congressmen Introduce Bill to Legalize Cannabis at Federal Level

Colorado and Washington did it and now several states are considering it or have already taken steps to do it—it’s the legalization of marijuana. And the one thing standing in the way of several states, the same thing that could effectively derail efforts even in the states where it has already been legalized, is federal […]

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana Laws Are Useless, Says Study

Politicians who like to talk tough on public safety issues seem to think tough “drugged driving” (DUI – Marijuana) laws will make us all safer. However, the facts indicate that such laws do not reduce traffic fatalities, and law enforcement already has laws in place to arrest and remove impaired drivers by any substance from […]

Appeals Court Backs Refusal to Reconsider Federal Marijuana Classification

According to current federal law, marijuana is dangerous and harmful drug with no medicinal uses. While this statement flies in the face of reality and nearly every recent body of marijuana research, it’s the stance that the federal government has taken and refused to budge from. Just this week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for […]

Study: Teen Marijuana Use Lower Where Drug Laws are Absent

Anti-pot advocates would have the public think that marijuana legalization would lead to a bunch of pot-smoking teens. That teenagers would celebrate the legalization of marijuana by turning into zoned out marijuana zombies of some kind. They want the general public to think that strict drug control, a la the Drug War, keeps teens (and […]