Racial Disparities in Marijuana Arrests: Another Cause for Legalization

If the medical benefits,  civil liberties, and the senseless waste that is the war on drugs aren’t enough reasons, the fact that marijuana laws are enforced in a racist manner should further justify legalization. Recently released data indicates racial disparities among marijuana arrests aren’t just common in big cities or areas with high minority concentration—but […]

Could Florida Be Next for Medical Marijuana Legislation?

Update Jan 2014: Supporters say they have gathered 1.1 million signatures for, so it is all but assured medical marijuana will be on the ballot for Florida voters to consider this November. Amazing work by United for Care in getting it done! Charged with Drug Possession? Please call (888) 632-5650. With all the momentum behind […]

Crack Cocaine Sentencing Reductions Ruled Retroactive

The 2010 Fair Sentencing Act changed the way federal courts sentenced people accused of crack cocaine violations. While it didn’t completely eliminate the disparity between powder cocaine and crack sentences, it did improve things slightly. Adding to the good news of the FSA, a federal Appeals Court ruled this week to make the FSA retroactive, […]

End the War on Drugs: A Handbook

An increasing number of lawmakers will admit that the Drug War is a failure. Even the president said this Administration would focus on the public health aspect of drug control rather than criminalization. Gil Kerlikowske, the White House Drug Czar, admitted a while back that the “War” needed to end. But, as they’ve proven again and again, […]

Marijuana Legalization: No Simple Task

As is evident in Washington and Colorado, voting to legalize marijuana is the easy part of legalization, actually getting the framework in place for a system of legal pot is another story. There are numerous concerns and no easy answers (as far as lawmakers are concerned) when it comes to organizing a system for legal […]

White House Drug Czar Speaks Out Against State Marijuana Laws

While the nation waits to see how U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will address the changing marijuana laws, White House Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske made it clear that, in his mind, nothing has changed and marijuana is still both dangerous and illegal. According to McClatchy Newspapers, Kerlikowske was in Baltimore this week to announce the […]

Could Federal Marijuana Commission Force the Needed Pot “Conversation”?

In a December interview with Barbara Walters, President Barack Obama repeated what he’s alluded to before, that there needs to be a “conversation about, how do you reconcile a federal law that still says marijuana is a federal offense and state laws that say it’s legal.” That conversation hasn’t yet happened. Instead, the feds talk amongst themselves […]

The Morality of Marijuana Laws

There is hardly a shortage of opinions on marijuana these days. You don’t have to look far to see a mainstream news source publishing news stories and opinion pieces on the changing marijuana tides. But a Washington Post op-ed and a response to it in The Atlantic recently brought up some interesting points. In writing […]

What the Federal Budget Says About the War on Drugs

We are used to the government saying one thing and doing another. Just look at the promises we’ve seen broken by this administration over the past several years. We were told marijuana would be a “low priority”, yet there have been more raids on medical marijuana dispensaries under this administration than any prior. This criticism […]

Most Americans Approve of Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization is no longer a war cry only heard from college students, medical marijuana patients, or those more affectionately known as “pot heads”. You no longer have to use marijuana to see the war against it as a giant waste of resources and an infringement on the civil liberties of the American people. Now, […]