Study: Marijuana Could Treat Drug Addiction

Could Marijuana Be the Answer to Drug Addiction? Opponents of marijuana legalization or even the lessening of marijuana penalties are quick to talk about how marijuana can damage a community or even the mind and body of someone using it. They are also likely of the opinion that it is addictive, despite numerous studies to the contrary. […]

Marijuana Usage Rates Remain Relatively Steady Over Past Several Decades

Nationwide trends toward legalization and decriminalization of marijuana is not actually increasing the number of users. Critics of the changing marijuana tides would have you think that all this talk about pot is likely causing an increase in usage. We hear about marijuana on the news, on sitcoms, and at the watercooler—surely this growing acceptance […]

School Zone Drug Laws are Racist

When the War on Drugs took over our country, laws were enacted left and right to “stick it to” the drug dealers. Fear and propaganda were used to gain support for some of the harshest criminal laws of all time—laws that would essentially send people away for decades or more for nonviolent, and “victimless” offenses. […]

Huge Federal Policy Directive Change on Marijuana Prosecutions

Justice Dept. Says it Will Keep Hands Off State Pot Laws In a dramatic policy change, the Justice Department announced they will not challenge state marijuana laws so long as they don’t conflict with eight federal priorities. We’ve been waiting for the Administration to take an official position on the matter for what seems like […]

Supreme Court Petitioned to Review Marijuana Scheduling

The Supreme Court is really the final say in U.S. legal matters, with the potential to supersede trial judges, appeals court judges, and even to negate unconstitutional laws written by state and federal lawmakers. But getting them to rule or even listen to arguments on something is no easy matter. Experts and advocates alike are […]

Why The Obama Administration is Still Mum on Marijuana

It seems like we’ve been waiting an eternity on the Obama Administration to tell us how they will handle marijuana. Because the federal laws on marijuana differ so greatly from the states’ and those states greatly differ from one another, a medical marijuana patient, for example, doesn’t know quite where they stand in regards to […]

State Medical Marijuana Laws Growing Stricter: a Positive Move?

Opponents of marijuana legalization would have you believe medical marijuana legislation opens the door to eventual recreational legalization—and they might be right. But in an effort to combat that progression, they are digging in their heels with stricter and stricter medical marijuana laws. Though these laws, vying to be the “strictest in the nation”, make […]

US Mayors Tell Feds to Back Off Marijuana Laws

Taking a stand against the federal government’s meddling marijuana enforcement, the United States Conference of Mayors passed a resolution calling on the feds to back off. In that resolution, the mayors from across the country told the federal government to respect the wishes of the states and the citizens to enact marijuana laws as they […]

Medical Marijuana has NO Effect on Teen Pot Use

It’s a common, albeit tired, argument among those who oppose any freeing up of marijuana—that children will get the wrong message. It’s as if a tightly regulated medical marijuana industry will create pot-head-zombie-kids. It’s really hard to say what is the most unfortunate part of this argument—that many believe it or that it’s untrue.

The War On Medical Marijuana Patients

We talk a lot about how the federal government doesn’t really care what voters have said in the 19 states where medical marijuana is legal. We discuss how the Obama Administrations have, in effect, cracked down harder on patients and dispensaries than Bush or any other past-presidents. But, until now there hasn’t been much in […]