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Should All Drugs Be Legalized?

Colorado and Washington have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and thus far it’s gone quite well. Crime is down and the states are making significant money of the sale and implementation of their newly created marijuana industries. But could a similar system be applied for all drugs? Is the answer to the failed War […]

NYT Columnist Dowd Has Bad High, Makes Dumb Anti-Pot Arguments

Any willing adult can go to a Colorado dispensary and purchase marijuana. They don’t have to disclose to the vendor that they are a newbie or ask for specific directions, and the dispensary really has no legal responsibility to warn them of dosing, side effects, or potential dangers. When paired with the fact that these […]

DEA Chief Wrong on Marijuana and Mandatory Minimums

It’s difficult working for a boss who doesn’t agree with you on the very things you were hired for. For DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart it’s becoming an increasing problem under the Obama Administration and a country who supports marijuana legalization. Recently, she displayed all the ways in which she is wrong at a meeting with […]

Study Affirms: Medical Marijuana Does NOT Increase Crime Rates

Giving people access to medical marijuana may make them happier, pain-free, and able to function normally without the assistance of side-effect laden pharmaceuticals. The medical marijuana industry also creates jobs and tax revenue. But one thing it doesn’t do, despite what opponents would have you think, is increase the crime rate. A new study from […]

Marijuana Derivative Product “Wax” Garners Fans and Federal Attention Alike

If you believe the federal government, marijuana is a Schedule I substance, both highly addictive and dangerous. Despite all evidence to the contrary, the feds keep marijuana classified as one of the most dangerous “drugs” on the market. So when those on the cutting edge of the Colorado marijuana market figure out a way to […]

DOJ Announces Sentence Commutations for Non-Violent Drug Offenders

The Fair Sentencing Act was signed in 2010 in an effort to at least lessen the disparate racial effects of crack-cocaine laws. Many men who had been sentenced before the signing of the law were languishing behind bars, some for decades, for non-violent crack offenses. In December, Obama commuted eight of these sentences, freeing the […]

“I Like Marijuana and I’m a Normal Person”

The walls are truly coming down on marijuana use and behind them the nation is seeing that not everyone who indulges in a joint or a marijuana-infused lollipop is a jobless, lazy pothead. Instead, business owners, teachers, stay-at-home moms, and those seeking relief from any number of physical ailments are coming forward and admitting, “I […]

Marijuana Legalization in Colorado and Washington Must Succeed to End War on Drugs

All eyes were on Colorado this week as the state’s first marijuana storefronts opened to the public. Though voters there decided to legalize recreational pot more than a year ago, the framework is now in place to make the marijuana industry a reality. Both there and in Washington, there is a ton of pressure to […]

Study: Alcohol Far More Common than Drugs to Blame in Fatal Car Crashes

While lawmakers across the nation scramble to find more ways to criminalize marijuana, even as laws are changing to free it up, they often discuss the dangers of people using marijuana and getting behind the wheel. But a new study suggests that shouldn’t be their top concern in reducing the number of auto accidents. Drug […]

Majority of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization

Support for marijuana legalization is growing everywhere, and that trend is accelerating rapidly. It’s obvious with the shifting laws and the results of a recent Gallup poll. According to that poll, support for legalization is higher than ever. While some suggest these polls shouldn’t be the end-all barometer of public opinion, there is little arguing […]