Supreme Court Takes Up Florida Drug-Sniffing Dogs

If a police officer smells marijuana wafting from your vehicle as they approach, it may give them enough probable cause to search you and your car without a warrant. But what if that smell is undetectable to a human but noticeable to a trained police dog—would it still be a protected (allowable) search under the […]

Editorial: Support Pro-Cannabis Ballot Initiatives!

On Nov. 6, Americans will take to the polls and decide who will be the president for the next four years – but that isn’t all they will decide.  Several states will have the opportunity to determine whether to end the prohibition of cannabis, or at the very least allow it as a medical option […]

Oregon: Vote YES on Measure 80

A vote for Measure 80 (the act known as the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012) is a vote for civil liberties and for individual rights. While some people would have you believe it’s a vote for mayhem and a cause for serious concern, the opposite is true. A historically safe substance, marijuana could provide millions […]

US Appeals Court Hears Case on Marijuana Sched I Classification

In front of a three-judge Court of Appeals panel, attorneys argued the federal government, through the DEA, failed to take into consideration hard evidence and science when choosing to classify marijuana as a Schedule I substance. They are arguing that pot be reclassified as having some medical use, what would be a big step towards […]

Doing Scientific Research on an Illegal Drug (Cannabis)

Opponents of medical marijuana often say there simply isn’t enough research to say, with certainty, that the plant can provide a significant number of medical benefits. While supporters disagree, the argument brings up an interesting point—that it’s difficult to research a drug that the federal government would like to see kept under lock and key.

Feds Likely To Fight Cannabis Legalization in CO, WA, OR

It likely won’t come as any surprise that the federal government intends to clamp down on states if recreational marijuana is legalized. Three states will be voting to legalize recreational pot on November 6, and the Department of Justice doesn’t plan on backing down, even if the majority votes for its passage.

Major Pot Bust: Canada, You’re Doing It Wrong

Police officials in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada released a statement announcing a major drug bust. They claimed to have found a local man growing marijuana in the convenience of his backyard. They proudly boasted of confiscating more than 1,600 plants of the green stuff. But unfortunately for them, the green stuff they confiscated wasn’t marijuana.

Feds Descend on LA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Several Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries were raided by federal agents this week. The LA Times reports this is the first large-scale federal crackdown in the city, and there are expected to be more.

Marijuana Use Up, Prescription Drug Abuse Down According to Feds

On Monday, the federal government released the latest data on drug use and found some interesting changes. For the first time in several years, prescription drug abuse is down. Some attribute this to new state laws designed to monitor prescriptions and crack down on offenders. At the same time, marijuana use is up.

Marijuana an Effective Seizure Treatment

Cannabidivarin, or CBDV, is a little known chemical in marijuana, which has the ability to suppress seizures, according to a team at Britain’s University of Reading.