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Boston Freedom Rally 2014 Thoughts

First and foremost, the organizers and volunteers at MassCann pulled off a virtually flawless 2 day event. The amount of work and organizational effort it takes to pull this event off is IMMENSE. The Boston Freedom Rally is the 2nd largest annual marijuana reform rally in the country, and they’ve been doing this for 25 […]

Employee Sues Hospital for Firing Her Over Legal Medical Marijuana Use

Should you have the right to use legal marijuana for medical or recreational purposes on your own time, without being fired? You would think the answer would be obvious, of course not. If you are using a product legally, and it has no negative impact on your job performance, it should be absolutely none of your […]

All Decriminalization Laws are Not Equal

Reform of marijuana laws continues to expand, with new decriminalization laws passing in DC and Maryland just this year. But just because having a small amount of marijuana has been reduced to a civil penalty where you live doesn’t mean the police won’t hassle you or look for (or invent) other reasons to arrest you.

Marijuana Legalization Support at Record High, 75% Say Legalization “Inevitable”

New polling shows Americans are not backing down on their support or acceptance of marijuana legalization. Overall support has continued it’s upward trend, and is now at 54% overall, another record high in support.

How You Can Lose Your Kids With Legal Marijuana Use: Marijuana Civil Rights?

Can an admission of legal marijuana use on facebook result in your kids being taken from your home? Unfortunately, it can, as a Nebraska family recently found out.

Can You Be Fired For Legal Marijuana Use?

Oct 1, 2014 Update The Coats case was heard by the Colorado Supreme Court this week. Mr. Coats’ attorney made the case that if employers can fire you for using medical marijuana, then legal medical marijuana is only available for the unemployed. One legal analyst suggested the court will likely rule very narrowly whether or not […]

Interview with Tom Angell of Marijuana Majority

Tom Angell of Marijuana Majority is a longtime activist and organizer, who has worked with Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and now runs Marijuana Majority. — David Matson: Tom, can you tell me a little about yourself? How did you get into the Marijuana activism business? Tom Angell: I’ve been working […]

Where Can I Buy Legal Marijuana?

On January 1st, 2014, Colorado became the first place in the world to allow anyone over 21 to purchase marijuana legally for any purpose, i.e. recreational use. Wait, wasn’t it already legal in Amsterdam? And what about Uruguay? Not really, and not yet. Here are the details: Colorado Colorado retail stores just opened on 1/1/14, […]

Gifts For Stoners: A Holiday Gift Guide For Marijuana Patients and Enthusiasts

What kind of (legal) products can you buy this holiday season? There are tons of thoughtful gifts out there, from products that support your friend’s medical cannabis use or personal freedom,  to supporting legalization and activism more broadly. Here are a few suggestions: Products There are actually all kinds of interesting products available for the […]

Help Prevent ODs: Make Narcan Emergency Kits Available Without a Prescription

Imagine coming upon a stark and yet subtle scene of overdose. A person is laying on a sidewalk. Breathing is very shallow and the person’s skin seems to be getting grayish blue. This person may be dying from an opioid overdose. Seconds are critical — immediately calling 911 is vital. However, first responders may not […]