Amanda Bynes Smokes And Drives… Giving Marijuana A Bad Rep?

Teen queen superstar and now young adult actress Amanda Bynes is in the news today for being photographed smoking from a marijuana pipe designed to look like a cigarette lighter in her car, and driving while on a suspended license.

TMZ jumped on the story and provided a picture of her taking a hit from the pipe Thursday morning, then pointed out that her car was a mess and there was obvious evidence of burned cannabis in her cup holder.  But this begs the question: Does this mean that marijuana use should remain illegal just because Bynes is being used as an example of “what not to do?”

Photo by TMZ

There are plenty of Nick Noltes in the world who are a living example of what not to do.  There are plenty of alcoholics who drink and get behind the wheel of a car.

And yet alcohol remains legal, a long as it is used in an appropriate, responsible manner.  This should be the rule for marijuana as well.  There should be a reasonable age limit to use marijuana, and a limit when it come to driving.  And perhaps the government could use some of the money that would be saved by ending this failed war on marijuana and apply it instead to studies that show how it affects driving, how it should be regulated and sold.

As for Bynes, it I doubtful that marijuana could have led her down the path she is on now as she lost her license Aug. 25 for a DUI charge from April, when she refused to take a sobriety test.

Perhaps instead of using Bynes to strengthen the stigma that marijuana is a dangerous drug that leads to reckless behavior, perhaps they could focus on her alcohol addictions, and the regulation process that would go hand in hand with providing marijuana as an option to the responsible, adult, public.