Gifts For Stoners: A Holiday Gift Guide For Marijuana Patients and Enthusiasts

What kind of (legal) products can you buy this holiday season? There are tons of thoughtful gifts out there, from products that support your friend’s medical cannabis use or personal freedom,  to supporting legalization and activism more broadly. Here are a few suggestions:


There are actually all kinds of interesting products available for the cannabis enthusiast. If you were to stick to alone, you can do a search for marijuana and find over 25,ooo products for sale! But the online retail world is vast, so you need not restrict yourself to one thing.

Here are a few of our favorites:

medical marijuana cigar box


The most popular item is this medical marijuana cigar box for. You can see why, it is certainly pretty snazzy, and not bad for $13.

Although, what does a cigar box have to do with medical marijuana? Well, that’s for someone else to decide.

stash jar giftsFor other types of fancy decorative containers, you have to admit that many of these stash jars  from Cannaline are pretty awesome for only $9. There are a wide variety of designs available.

They even have some with the logo of the world famous Harborside Health Center, as seen on the Discovery Channel show  Weed Wars.

Pros: Inexpensive, decorative, and functional items are always great gift.

Cons: You have to know a little about the person’s taste and style.

Bottom Line: A winner.


Puff It

Vaporizers are becoming an increasingly popular way to ingest herb. Prices range from under $40 for some pens to $200 or more.

Some of them even look like asthma inhalers, like this one for $140. And, why not? No one needs to be concerned about you taking your medicine, do they?

Pros: A thoughtful gift than can enhance someone’s health.

Cons: Can be expensive.

Bottom Line: A nice gift, but you might want to have the recipient pick it out, just to make sure it’s right for them. Of if you know they’ve been coveting yours, just buy one of those. Done!


Marijuana PantsClothing can be a thoughtful and personal gift. Especially if you know the person’s style really well. Or they have no style – but you do, and you can impose it upon them!

And some people simple hate clothes shopping, and will wear anything someone buys for them. So you really should choose well. (We’ll all be watching.)

Here are a few options:

Everybody wears pants, so why not make a statement in these? On sale for only $20, quite a deal.

For something slightly more subtle, you can get an ugly Christmas sweater that your Grandma probably won’t even notice has a marijuana leaf on it. Clever! $25.

And there are always the old stand by clever marijuana t-shirts with everything from the traditional leaf, to subtle and discreet slogans like “High as Fuck”.

You probably can’t go wrong with a classic Marley.  Prices from $15-$30.

marijuana pajamasAnd what about a clothing gift for the the sit-on-the-sofa-playing-xbox-and-barely-leave-the-house stoner in your life?

Well, nothing quite says “I accept your lazy-ass lifestyle without judgement” like the gift of these adult footie pajamas for $38.

Pros: Everybody wears ’em, everybody likes ’em. And if you know someone well enough to buy a piece of clothing, you probably know their basic preferences.

Cons: Sizing can be a pain.

Bottom Line: You already know if you are the kind of person who can successfully give clothes as a gift, so go for it.

The Gift of Being Right (And Winning the Argument)

Most of us are passionate about the subject of marijuana reform, but not all of us are world class debaters. Here’s the book written by the top activists that got legalization DONE in Colorado. So they know something.

Use it to learn how we are going to keep winning, and to crush legalization arguments at your holiday gatherings.

The subject is going to come up, as more states propose legalization, so let’s all be as persuasive as possible.

So buy it for yourself!



There are more ways to give money these days then you probably thought! Here are a few:

Gift Donation to Reform and Legalization Activist Groups

There has never been a better time to donate to marijuana reform organizations. Momentum is clearly on our side, so the chances that your dollars will result in real change, and soon, have never been better.

There is a great campaign going on right now to fundraise on indiegogo for Students for Sensible Drug Policy, an excellent organization. Highly recommended.

There is also the Drug Policy Alliance, which gets a very good rating on Charity Navigator, which means your dollars go far. You can get a nice No More Drug War T-Shirt for a donation, so it works both ways.

Marijuana Policy Project, also has some nice membership gifts, and of course, there is NORML which makes it easy to send a gift donation.

Local states also have great campaigns too, like United for Care working to get medical marijuana on the ballot in Florida.

Note that some donations are tax deductible, but some aren’t, so know your cause.

Pros: A gift that can actually help make the world better.

Cons: Some people are weird about gifts that aren’t direct gifts, so know your recipient.

Bottom line: Chances are, you know someone with an activist’s heart who’d love this. It’s a doubly great gift if you are personally on board with the movement to reform and legalize. And if you are reading this, you probably are!


bitcoinYou know what you can buy with bitcoins, the virtual cash crypot currency? Apparently, just about anything, and anonymously. (Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know.) Also, it has the added bonus that it might actually go up in value. Like, overnight. Or Not. (Past Performance is Not Necessarily Indicative of Future Results, as they say…)

Pros: Very cool, and useful for those hard-to-find purchases.

Cons: Pretty tricky for non-uber-geeks to use. Also, the underground economy may support human trafficking, kiddie porn, and murder for hire. So… yeah, that’s not right.

Bottom Line: Not for everyone, but the right person on your list will be extremely impressed.


hundred dollar billEveryone loves cash. Everyone. And, those new 100s are awfully pretty.  Cash can literally solve every problem in the world.

Much, much better than one of those sucky gift debit cards that sock you with extra fees, and make it difficult to return things for credit.

Pros: Universally awesome.

Cons: Maybe not that personal or thoughtful.

Bottom Line: Just do it.

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