Meet a Medical Marijuana Edible Expert

There will be many amazing job opportunities as medical marijuana spreads across the country and legal recreational marijuana becomes an economic factor. The job title “medical marijuana edibles expert” sounds like it would be a highly coveted one.

A man in Los Angeles named Brandon Parham seems to be one of the first of these experts, and from the sound of his background, it will be hard to get this job from just strolling in off the street and filling out an application. Technically an “agriculture consultant,” Brandon has an extensive educational and employment background.

cooking with pot

Brandon Parham, Medical Marijuana Edibles Expert (Photo: Elizabeth Daniels/

“[My] initial interest in plants came from an aunt who used to garden in her backyard,” Brandon says. “And then she’d cook with chiles and everything she was growing. And I started helping her and noticing how different plants reacted in different foods and using different cooking methods.

“So, then I got a B.S. in plant sciences with an emphasis in controlled environment agriculture — it’s a botanist degree. But that’s really too general of a term. My specialization is in greenhouses, growth chambers, all kinds of indoor growing applications. It’s sometimes called advanced hydroponics. I worked with NASA right out of college on a research project. I also worked with Boeing before going out on my own.”

But what exactly does Brandon do? “I’m the contact between the growers, who take the trim the clinics,” he says. “Some clinics ‘sell’ trim on consignment to bakers who then ‘donate’ edibles and concentrates back to the clinic. Then, the clinic asks customers for a donation for edibles because technically you can’t sell edibles. It’s a big circular relationship and my part in it now is to connect everyone and make sure the bigger bakers have enough trim to work with. Getting rid of the trim used to be a hassle. You can’t just throw it in the trash. So I help with this part because I know bakers and clinics.”

Brandon works with other crops as well, but he says marijuana is “where the money is.” And with edibles increasing in popularity, especially among older patients, the money is likely to get even better.

With more medical marijuana laws and more laws allowing retail recreational sales in the future, all aspects of the cannabis industry are going to need people to fill positions. Entrepreneurs like Brandon will come out of the darkness in droves to grab a slice of the market. And all of this will lead to increased economic activity in the states smart enough to create legal protections for cannabis users.

Do you have what it takes to be in the cannabis industry? How long will you have to wait until you find out, due to the laws in your state? And how much interest does the federal government have in squashing the marijuana industry before it gets off the ground?

– Joe Klare

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  • Zen

    Brandon, which type did parents use in smoothie for dying, neurologicallt impaired baby, who survived, on news, summer of 2012?

  • Courageous Herb

    Hey, I’m Andrew Esswein. I’m a guy who lives in Missouri. Our laws for cannabis still need to be changed so I have been an activist for it. My name actually translates to mean Courageous Herb. I also live in a little green house that has the perfect address 420. It’s not actually a green house though because cannabis is still illegal here. That made me feel like putting on a suit of armor and becoming a weed knight. Actually though, I was an activist for it and sent congress a whole bunch of postcards since 2005. Andrew translates in the name book to mean Courageous ; my last name Esswein translates in German to eat wine but you can only eat dry wine; Das ist Herb!

    Cannabis is made to be edible. I mean smoking it has it’s advantages but cannabis is made for cooking with. It’s the type of herb that makes your meal have a good feel. It’s the type of secret ingredient you can use to make your favorite dish even more special. The THC in cannabis is fat soluble which means it soaks into the oil or fat of whatever your cooking. If you use hemp oil on your cannabis then your going to have a nutritious delivery system for your herbal medicine. Be sure to eat your greens.
    Wanna help cannabis get legal – well I’ll do it but I do need money to put a fire into me and fuel my efforts. So please grace me with a donation. Otherwise I’ll feel like I got fired and smoked.

  • David Matson

    Thanks for your comments and insights, very interesting.
    And good luck with legalization in Missouri, it looks like there is potential there. The people support it!

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  • Zen

    Stil awaiting esponse regarding which type did parents use in smoothie for dying, neurologicallt impaired baby, who survived, on news, summer of 2012?