Help Prevent ODs: Make Narcan Emergency Kits Available Without a Prescription

Imagine coming upon a stark and yet subtle scene of overdose. A person is laying on a sidewalk. Breathing is very shallow and the person’s skin seems to be getting grayish blue. This person may be dying from an opioid overdose.

Seconds are critical — immediately calling 911 is vital. However, first responders may not arrive in time. Many times every year, despite their best efforts, they don’t. 15,000 times a year, death by overdose occurs in this country. The number is way too large, and it is growing.

Naloxone (Narcan®) Saves Lives

naloxoneNow, imagine that you live in a more progressive state like Washington. You wanted to be prepared, “just in case.” In Washington, a prescription for Naxolone, an effective opioid antidote, is still required, but at least it was obtainable.

As a result, in that critical moment, you actually had the 1cc dose of Naxolone to administer nasally. You knew that it was both safe and legal to administer. Breathing was restored; paramedics arrived minutes later to fully monitor the patient. A life was saved, and precious tomorrows were given to that person as well as to so many family and friends who would have otherwise been crushed by yet another death by overdose.

At “Chasing Mikhaila” on facebook, one can learn about teenagers who did not make it. One was 18-old Mikhaila, a Colorado girl that is one of four from just one city that have suffered fatal overdoses in the past year.

The need to make Naloxone emergency kits available without prescription across the country is very important. At present, only seven states and nine cities have approved non-prescription sales of this critical lifesaver. Dedicated advocates are working tirelessly to make Naloxone available nationwide without a prescription. Then users, concerned friends, and family members can obtain and carry Naloxone in much the same way that “epi-pens” are now carried and used to save those having severe allergic reactions.

Petition The President

Now, you can join these advocates in petitioning the President directly at the White House to get this issue on the national agenda. Supporters can sign electronically sign the petition right at the official White House website. This effort requires 100,000 signatures by April 15 to move the petition forward.

Join those that have turned their own sorrow into a force for reform. Help to make non-prescription emergency kits available in all 50 states. Those that endure, forever, the loss of a precious child want to save other families from this most traumatic of experiences.

Opioids And An Antidote

Opioid overdose risks are more wide-ranging than many understand. A partial list of opioids includes heroin, morphine, methadone, and many common prescription pain killers like codeine, oxycodone (Oxycontin), and hydrocodone (Vicodin).

Naloxone is quite unique in that it is not addictive and it has no side effects. It has been embraced by emergency medical personnel who have already used it for a couple of decades. It is not harmful if it is given to someone who is not suffering from an opioid overdose. Leran more about Naloxone at

Naloxone first restores breathing and wakes the person up. However, its effects wear off in 30-90 minutes, so its always vital to call 911.

Important — Naloxone is not effective in treating overdoses of benzodiazepines (e.g. Xanax, Valium, Klonopin), cocaine, bath salts, methamphetamine or alcohol. In every case, call 911 immediately.

Consider joining in petitioning President Obama to move this important effort forward. The 15,000 unique and special individuals that we lose to drug overdoses every year can be reduced in number.

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