Modern Prohibition Era Raids Continue

Years from now, these cannabis raid stories will seem as strange as we view the era of alcohol prohibition now. But until then the real cost and tragedy continues – in money spent, in crime, and in lives.

Nearly one ton of cannabis, estimated at a street value of almost $3 million, was confiscated by U.S. Border agents at Del Mar Beach.

The federal agency reported to the Rancho Santa Fe Review that at about 3 a.m. Border Patrol personnel who were working at the coast discovered a 1998 Dodge pickup and a 2008 Chevrolet box truck in close proximity to Dog Beach.  The border patrol agents discovered the large quantity of cannabis on an outdoor path near the vehicles.   The drivers were reportedly U.S. citizens but their names were not released.

There were another dozen or so packages containing cannabis inside the truck.  During a search, the officers discovered 1,976 pounds of cannabis in 155 bundles.

The drivers of the vehicles were arrested and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel.  The cannabis and seized vehicles were turned over as well.

“The agents approached the vehicles and started talking to (the men), trying to understand what they were doing there,” said Steven Pitts, a spokesman with the Border Patrol later told the UT San Diego News.  “ When the agents looked inside one of their trucks, they discovered several bales of marijuana.  It was visible. It was real clear what it was.  It was in plain sight.”

Pitts later added, “It was foggy that night.  They probably thought nobody would be there. I can’t speak for them. I question the judgment of anybody who does something illegal.”

Meanwhile arrests will continue as drug smugglers continue to step up to a supply and demand situation that would otherwise be filled if cannabis was legalized and grown and sold legally.


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