Tell Illinois Lawmakers to Pass Medical Marijuana

Currently, Illinois is not one of the states with legal access to medical marijuana. If you are sick and marijuana helps you cope with your illness or disease, you must break the law in order to treat yourself or relieve your pain or symptoms. But, with a growing acceptance of marijuana in general, states are beginning to loosen the restrictions—will Illinois be next?

Nearly 20 states in the U.S. allow some form of medical marijuana use. Two states have legalized recreational use of marijuana, and the latest surveys show that the majority of Americans are not opposed to such legalization. Soon, Illinois lawmakers will be deciding for the people of our state whether or not we will join the states that allow marijuana to be treated like a medicine.

Later this month, Illinois lawmakers will be looking at House Bill 30, which will create a pilot program for the state-authorized distribution of medical marijuana. Previously, the bill was narrowly defeated. In other words—lawmakers are close to passing it but some still need some convincing.

For your part, you can read the bill here and then see which lawmakers are opposed to making it available as a medicine. As the Marijuana Policy Project suggests, you can call and thank your local house member if they voted “yes” or call and ask them to reconsider if they voted “no”. You can also send a prewritten email here with NORML.

Lawmakers are there because we, the voters, put them there. They are there to be our voices in state law creation. Ensure your legislator is speaking for you by speaking up against the things you believe in.

While medical marijuana wouldn’t help those people who smoke recreationally, it could lay the foundation for legalization down the road. After all, Colorado and Washington (the two states who have legalized marijuana) have had medical marijuana systems in place for some time.

In the meantime, in Illinois, marijuana possession is a crime whether you are sick or just using pot for fun. It is a controlled substance and until the laws change, the criminal justice system can still come down hard on those who violate them.



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  • Amanda

    Illinois needs to pass Medical Marijuana as soon as they can. The whole state is in desperate need of the revenue it could potentially make off it and we are also in desperate need for the jobs it could provide!!!!